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Whining noise from oil burner

Liem TranLiem Tran Member Posts: 5
i have a firomatic valve but not at the filter. it is just after the elbow from the bottom of the oil tank. is a valve also required just upstream of the oil filter?


  • Liem TranLiem Tran Member Posts: 5
    Whining noise from oil burner

    Hi all,

    I have a Riello Mectron M5 oil burner which recently started making a high pitched sound when the unit is running. I've done some surfing on the web and believe it could an imbalanced fan (from dust) or bad bearings. Does anyone know if there could be any other causes? If the bearings are bad, can I just change the bearings or do I need to replace the whole motor? I would consider myself a great DIY'er.

    thanks in advance
  • oil-2-4-6-gasoil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    take a long screwdriver --take the cover off o the burner --run it put the screwdriver on the ends of the motor the other end to your ear ---you will hear the bearings grinding --if so you need to change the motor when the motor gets changed the fan blades need to be cleaned completely --on some of the bigger older 1's it was tough getting the fan on the correct distance on the shaft --
  • oil-2-4-6-gasoil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    just so you know sometimes it is very hard to get the fan off without damaging it --and if the blades are very dirty you will need to have the burner adjusted and set-up with an analyzer
  • Jim FranklinJim Franklin Member Posts: 166

    A plugged fuel line will also produce the same , if it's coming from the pump.

  • Liem TranLiem Tran Member Posts: 5

    thanks for the help so far. i put a long screwdriver (well file in my case) from my ear to the various areas of the burner and seem to have isolated the sound to the areas indicated in the attached picture. It doesn't sound like bearings grinding in my opinion. Would any of you know what it could be?
  • burnermanburnerman Member Posts: 296

    1. is it really cold there?
    2. do you have a clean oil filter?
    3. fuel line clean?
    1. if oil is really cold it is hard to pass through fuel line may make pump work harder
    2. if oil filter is dirty or pump screen it may make pump work harder
    3. fuel line plugged it may make pump work harder any of these will cause a whinning noise.
  • Liem TranLiem Tran Member Posts: 5


    It is cold here, about 17 degrees during the day but the noise started when it was not as cold. The oil filter was changed out at the start of the heating season. I don't know if the fuel line is clean. How would I check that? I do not think that the fuel line is plugged as the noise is coming from somewhere downstream of the pump.
  • mark o mark o Member Posts: 12

    Mark Overly.
  • Liem TranLiem Tran Member Posts: 5

    It's Fixed!!! Thanks to all. It was a fuel problem afterall. I decided to change the oil filter and in the process of turning off the valve below the oil tank, found out that I had not turned it back on all the way when I had changed out the filter at the start of the heating season. The valve is open all the way and no more noise. Thanks again and I appreciate everybody's input.
  • Steamhead (in transit)Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    No valve at the Filter?

    That should be your next upgrade. By Code, you need a "Firomatic" valve- one that will automatically close at extremely high temperatures, as would happen if the house was on fire. These are not that expensive, but usually they are only available to professionals.

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  • MarilynMarilyn Member Posts: 26

    A dirty strainer could also be a problem.
  • Big EdBig Ed Member Posts: 863
    You can try to oil the Motor.

    The bearing on the pump side will dry up. They are greased but if you oil them the grease will loosen up. Pull the burner and the pump. Lay the burner down with the motor up. Pour some bearing oil in where the pump sat. Run the burner until the noise stops. Turn it on and off. Lisen as it stops for any dry bearing noise. Cycle on and off until it shuts off smooth. Does not clear change the motor.... Clears up it will be good for years.
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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