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Question re oil fired furnace from\"The Furnace Company\"

I am a handy homeowner. A model LOU 139 "Greenbriar" forced hot air furnace which says mfrd. by "The Furnace Company" (TFC) of Newburgh, NY was installed in this house in 1989. I would like to eventually replace the heating system with hydronic if possible, but in the meantime I would like to keep this system working. I was never able to find any reference to the mfr. on the internet so I assume mfr. ceased to exist some time ago. Has anyone heard of this furnace and can anyone offer some diagram showing how it is designed inside? I would like to clean out any soot accumulation but I'm not sure where to access. Thanks.


  • Mark Custis
    Mark Custis Member Posts: 539
    Mr. Berns

    I've done a bit of oil FA over the years. As of late there are only a few players in oil FA. Made by one or two companies and then stamped and painted by others.

    It sounds as if you want to clean the fire box side of the HX. Sitting on a stool with the burner between your knees, look for four coverplates. Two high, just below the plenium and two low just above the top of the burner.

    A picture from you would help.

    If you find the plates, remove one and see if there is a round cover plate about two inches in diamiter behind it. It will have a 1/4" X 20 bolt with a nut.

    If that is the case, DO NOT try and lossen the nut yet. Wait for a warm spell, shut the unit off, penitrating oil the assembly. Go home. Come back the next day. Re-oil. Go to lunch. After lunch try ever so gently to loosen the nut. DO NOT APPLY lots of force. Go get your tourch and heat just below RED HOT, and try again gently.

    Why do you want to get in there anyway?

    Has the burner been cleaned and serviced annualy?

    When you get the ports open shop vac and 2" fuel brush.
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