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can i get hot domstic water from a heat pump?

Brad White may be able to better answer your Q:, but I'll take a stab at it. It is possible, but you have to remember that even with Pool units that recover the heat rejection back into the pool...your set up cannot totally satisfy your 110- to 120* water temps that you are looking for. It may serve to recover some of the heat rejection from your HP, but would probably be negligible in this case. Cost in this semi-complicated design would not be worth you while..

Now, for example.....Picture a Hotel all on water source HP's,.,.,. Well, in summer that would be a expensive set up, and is actually done to this day, adding heat rejection from the loop of the water source condensers directly to the pool water through HX of various sizes depending on the total sensible exchange from the total load. But since you are talking about winter ( I assume) not very practical. Then again remember that most designs only temper water and the like to lower cost levels. Thus ENERGY MANAGEMENT......whew.Not cheap and must be designed correctly down to the last detail, I think Brad would agree on that one...:-)

Mike T.


  • george_43
    george_43 Member Posts: 1

    how can i gat free hot water with my heat pump? with a heat exchanger? connected to what? the outgoing freon (which is colder) or the incoming (warmer) in the winter. is it possible and how? a diagram would help and what kind of exchanger?
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