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This is strictly a personal thing. As was mentioned, covering the unit will protect it from having leaves etc. enter it but, operationally, it makes little difference.

Condensing units are designed to be outside in the elements, so leaving them uncovered is not going to upset them. :)

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  • Irv_7
    Irv_7 Member Posts: 2

    Should the outdoor compressors be covered in the winter,
    or left open?
  • geno54
    geno54 Member Posts: 43

    Condensers are meant to be outside in the elements just like a car. They are weather resistant. If you kept your car in the garage that would help it. If you kept a cover over the condenser to stop all the leaves, pine needles and snow from getting in, that would help it from deteriorating sooner. You do want the condenser to breathe so the moisture doesn't stay trapped such as in the motor windings, so don't wrap it completely. This is only for A/C not for heat pumps.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    I was just thinking,.It prolongs the paint job...That's all!!!:-)

    Mike T.
  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    Geno, think greenhouse. Nice humid air gets trapped under trap, sun heats up moisture under trap and you have a nice greenhouse happening in condensor. Most, if not all, electronics do not like high moisture areas. These things are designed to be outdoors all year long. If you want to keep leaves and debris out during fall/winter months, may I suggest a piece of plywood and a cinder block. This will not cause greenhouse effect, and keeps debris out of inside of condensor. everything can still breathe. It drives me crazy when I see condensors wrapped like christmas presents in nice blue traps.
  • geno54
    geno54 Member Posts: 43

    A piece of plywood would work fine. Just trying to explain to the OP about leaves and deterioration. Hey, I bet 99 percent of owners don't cover them anyway. Out of site out of mind. Kind of like boilers and furnaces.:)
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