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Help- Cold 1957 Arco Convectors

The valves are a vane type which go from full on to full off in 1/4 turn. The one with the screwdriver slot should have the slot in line with the pipes to be full on and at right angle (90 degrees) to shut off. The hand valve works the same way. At one time it should have had stops in both directions so it would only rotate 1/4 turn. Unfortunately with age, the stops on the shaft rust away and allow the valve to rotate continuously so you really dont know when you are on or off.

Start by making sure the screwdriver valve is on as described above and then try rotating the hand valve a little at a time until you get water flow.

If you still cant get any flow, then the valve stem may be broken internally and no amount of turning will help. In that case the only remedy is to replace the valve(s).


  • Jeff_128
    Jeff_128 Member Posts: 2
    Cold Arco convectors

    I have a 1957 ranch with an original American Standard Model GA-E hot water boiler and American Standard Arco "type F" convectors. It is a loop system with a circulator pump. Some of the convectors on the far end of the system are cold. I have bled and bled, adjusted pressure in the boiler etc. I think the problem may be with the valves on the in/out pipes feeding the convectors but I'm not sure how they function. One is a hand turn that just seems to spin without ever closing or opening? the other end is a screw that again turns without ever coming out not sure if it's doing anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Jeff_128
    Jeff_128 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you so much for your helpful response...it worked!
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