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okay, Brad.... ot

Big Ed_4
Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,700
Since you are right handed it's the glove you you take off to do other tasks.And it's the glove you wear out first

One tip I learned on a job site is ......When you are done with a tool ,throw it on the floor. If you leave it on a shelf , leadge or what ever it's gone....

I do have a issue with tape measures. I like to buy the more expensive "Fat Max ". Seems like everyone walks away with them and Left to use the cheap Ace hardwear one with the tear at the end .... It makes me mad :/
I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all


  • where did they go??

    Okay, Brad, seemed that you are a wizard in just about everything.... every once a while I get to clean out my service truck and find whole bunch of left hand brown gloves... right ones are missing... how's that possible? Im right handed. Do left handed people have the same problem? I humble awaits your research and answers...
  • In some country's

    the left hand is used for wiping perhaps that is why they are "Brown" and still lying around.
  • Brad White_191
    Brad White_191 Member Posts: 252
    Jump away, Ed!

    I have a collection of tape measures (some bent, some less so), utility knives, those screwdrivers with reversible Phillips and slotted tips, gloves, socks, (all kinds and colors even though I buy only two basic kinds), hats, ear-bands, carpenters pencils, #2 pencils, wipes for my computer screen...

    Trouble is, I do not know where any of these are when I need them!

    Wizard? Yeah, some wizard :)

    But thanks... :P
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