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Water is boiling at 165 degrees

... is 15 PSIG, then the boiling point of the water is 250*F.


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Member Posts: 53
    Please see wood boiler posts!

  • Gary Fereday_3
    Gary Fereday_3 Member Posts: 5
    I doubt it!

    Either you have to big a pump,and or the pump is cavating, or the thermometer is way out of whack, or you have severly contanminated water. Or your at one heck of AN ALTITUDE, or under an aweful vaccum.
    I live in SLC Ut. amd water hear boils at 197 F no matter what! (4200 ft abs.) of course at sl it boils at 212F. no matter what.
    So which is it?

  • LOL..For a chemistry class my kid had to calculate the boiling point of water if you were camped on the top of Mount Everest (29,035 Ft.)and it worked out to 173.11 degrees.
    So unless the job is on 747 something must be off somewhere.
  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    water boiling

    is it plain water or is there antifreeze in it? Is it the correct antifreeze.
    Years ago my kid brother was having car troubles. come to find out he had added winshield antifreeze to his radiator. He said anti freeze is antifreeze isnt it?
    So I ask again, whats in the water?
  • MIke_Jonas
    MIke_Jonas Member Posts: 209
    Forest vs trees

    I think a better answer would be questions to the op: Why do you believe the water is boiling? Is the system making noise? Steam coming out of the t/p valve when tested?

    Wood boiler...glycol/mix?

    I believe water can turn to steam with a gauge reading 165d. Hasn't anyone here ever had a car engine overheat because it ran out of antifreeze/water? Steam comes rolling off the engine..steam comes out of the radiator..but the temp gauge reads 120d e.g., because there was nothing surrounding the gauge stem for it to read?

    Where is the gauge located and why do you believe it is boiling?

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  • mark ransley
    mark ransley Member Posts: 155

    Lets see, figure 15 lb pressure I calculate you are at 210000 feet to have it boil, in space, burning air?.
  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Member Posts: 53
    The temperature gauge

    on the boiler and the three strap ons to my electronic thremo are all with-in 2 degrees of each other. It does sound a little like pump cavitation, and it also sounds like air movement. However, it doesn't happen when the gas boiler is running, and not until the wood boiler is fired and hits 165. I was curious if the circ was pumping away, would it be possible to have a dead zone, in the boiler, where the water may boil? I wonder if that is why the WM Ultra needs to be pumped into.
  • Since

    a wood boiler is "open" to the atmosphere(little positive pressure to the circs inlet),you may have a situation where the "eye" if its impeller pulls vacuum reducing the waters boiling point.

    BTW-WM & others pump into the HX so the friction-loss of it will not be added to the required pump inlet pressure, so I guess technically you are right.

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