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buderus logamatic r2107

fitter408 Member Posts: 2
I have a buderus g115 with a logamatic 2107,taco sr506 relay,outdoor reset,3 radiant zones,1 baseboard zone and indirect dhw. All zones have taco 007ifc's.No heat this a.m.-logamatic read"err".Pressed (riello)burner reset,and while the burner fired and ran well(just cleaned and serviced) the heating circulators that had been calling all shut off in about one second.The dhw circ,controlled thru the logamatic not the sr506,kept running.Had to work so I put the boiler on manual and the pumps all ran,incl. dhw.Came home 10 hours later and the problem now is that the dhw circ never shut off and now I have 160 degree dhw!Next I turned the logamatic back to automatic operation and the dhw circ shutoff.Turned up the stats,circs came on,boiler water temp dropped below setpoint and failed to fire.Then I turned the logamatic back to manual control:burner fired,heating circs ran and dhw pump started back up even though the temp was still around 160.Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.(P.S. no youngsters in the house to get scalded by dhw and at 20* out we need the heat on) Thanks to all.


  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,777
    Call 1-800-Buderus

    They should be able to help you or recommend a tech near you.
  • Chris Norton
    Chris Norton Member Posts: 11

    When the 2107 is set to manual it drives off fixed high limit and you have no control over the DHW. So the symptoms you described are normal while running in the normal mode. When you hit the reset button on the burner and it fired but the heating circs did not fire, this is normal if the sr506 is wired through the 63 plug on the logamatic. The heating circs will not run until the boiler reaches 104 F.

    The problem you need to address is not the control but the burner. You have a burner issue not a control problem. The control is merely reporting the burner fault.

    As said before, 1-800 Buderus can reccommend a qualified tech in your area.
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