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boiler problem

Bob Forand
Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
Hi Steamhead, it is firing into a Burnham PV-714, approx 10-12 years old. Was higher before I made those adjustments. I can't seem to get it any lower than those figures either. Shouldn't I see more of a difference between over fire and breach ? Any other ideas on lowering the draft ?


  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    Boiler Draft Issue

    I am working on a Beckett AFG bourner that keeps locking out. I found a draft issue today and don't know how to correct. This is connected to a Tjernlund SS1 power venter. Found draft to be at -06 over fire and -05 at breach. So I spoke with Tjernlund and I changed the draft to as low as it will go on the hood. That changed the over fire to -04 and the breach at -05.

    My co2 is at 11.6 with zero smoke. If I open the band to drop the draft, I then get too lean on the c02. In order to get the draft to -02, my co2 is at 9.7. So I left it at the -04 over fire, but am uncomfortable with that because there is little difference at the breach.

    While I was there for four hours cycling the boiler, at one point about an hour and a half in, the burner ran like it was starving for oil. This was like bucking- off on off on, and ran like that for about 30 seconds and then came out of it. Have you ever had a fuel pump (a2va7116) do that ? Would you change the pump out ?
  • Big Bob_2
    Big Bob_2 Member Posts: 24

    Are you running single or two pipes? If two pipe what is the vacuum? Pumps rarely do that, oil line often do.
  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305

    Single pipe from tank, there is approx 12 feet of line. The tank is an inside tank. I blew the line back to the tank when I first got there. I then drew about 1/2 gallon off before reconnecting to burner.

    Boy it's no fun being the third guy in and not knowing what the first two did. I did find the electrodes to be the wrong set, so the set up was definately wrong.

    I just hope that I got it this time around..
  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,690

    Yes a bad pump can fall out like you described. One test is jacking up the pressure while running and see if it drops out. You can also use a pressure gauge and do the same. If it does not build up pressure it's a weak pump. I would like to see above 180# without flutter

    Not common but it happens.

    Sounds like the power venter was over sized.
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    Big Ed

    The system has been in since 1996, this is a new experience over the last few weeks. The PV has been okay for these years. That is what is also troubling about the draft. The set up has been the same for these years.
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297
    burner coupler

    Being the 3rd guy is okay IF U FIX IT lol. After a co-worker cleand a boiler (only 2-4 years old) I went out on a lock out would start up seemed to run great after a few minutes it fluttered. I found a rounded end at the fuel pump on the coupler just a thought.
  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    I checked

    I pulled the coupler and checked both ends and they are good. I was hoping that would have been it.

    Either the good thing, or could be a bad thing, I called them yesterday to inquire if they have had any more issues with lockouts, and they haven't responded yet.
  • Draft

    looks a bit high. What type of boiler is this AFG firing into?

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