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Dripping Sound From Boiler? Problem?

sreja Member Posts: 175
There is a dripping sound coming from within our 1yr old steam heating boiler (Peerless 211A-08).

Since i am new to being responsible for it I can't say if it is a new sound or old.

It happens after the boiler gets warm.. and continues at least for an hour or 2 into the heating cycle.

Do we have a leak in the boiler? Or is it something harmless? I'd really appreciate some advice on what I should/can do about it.

Thank you.


  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    You can see into the fire box easily enough to see if there is a wet spot, or you can flood a cold boiler to look for leaks. Or as mentioned in another thread, turn off auto fill, and put a clothes pin on the sight glass guard rod and monitor the level when cool to see if it drops.

    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • peerless leak?

    i think mine makes that sound too.it's probly the sections sliding on the frame below as they expand and contract.there are some louder pops too.
    however do the leak test in any case.
    if you can just wait until it warms up outside, and overfill the boiler then wait a whole day that should allow it to show itself.don't forget to drop the level back, or your pressuretrols make cut the burner.
    how did you come out on your skimming port and other issues?-nbc
  • sreja
    sreja Member Posts: 175

    i cant see any water actually dripping -- and i can see the bottom below the burners. but it's a very regular sound, one drop every second or so.

    so can i just hold down the water feeder continuously with boiler off, so it feeds past the top of the water level.. and then i just wait and look for water on the floor of the boiler?

    is there a danger at some point of trying to put too much water into the boiler or will it just fill to top and then not let any more water in, causing no harm?

    i still haven't contacted the old company about those issues, i guess i'm waiting for the current work to wrap up this week or next so that i have a comprehensive list of all issues discovered.
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