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Taco Webinar


Variable Speed Pumping:
It's Not New, and It's
Not Hard to Do

Presented by John Barba,
Taco Residential Training/Trade
Program Manager

Thursday, November 13 at 3 p.m. ET
Please note: John Barba will take your questions live during the presentation.

Using variable speed pumps isn't new, and it's not hard to do...but:
When would you use a variable speed circulator?
Where would you use one?
Why use one?
What applications make the best fit for a variable speed circulator?
What's in it for you?

Get the answers in this informative webcast.

Go to www.taco-hvac.com to register.


  • Jim Hilpipre
    Jim Hilpipre Member Posts: 19

    Looking forward to it John.

  • John Barba_6
    John Barba_6 Member Posts: 55

    Should be fun -- as long as I can stay away from those websites I shouldn't be looking at!

    See you Friday...
  • Rocky_3
    Rocky_3 Member Posts: 232
    Already signed up

    Used 6 of the VS outdoor reset pumps just this last week. Had two Buderus 215-7 oil boilers with parallel P/S piping. Had a manifold with 6 3/4" taps coming off. Each tap had a 007VS-OR pumps acting as a mini-tube injection system to 6 remote manifolds. Engineer had originally spec'd 2-1/2" copper mains running over 600 feet to supply slab manifolds. I told them I had a better idea. Used 3/4" injection to remote manifolds utilizing the VS-OR pumps mounted at the remote manifolds. VS pump self-regulates slab supply temp and runs a small Taco 007 system pump at each manifold. Saved them a GOB of money in piping, pumps, labor etc. Works slicker than snot off a teflon coated ice cube (Now THATS SLICK!). Will be watching the WEBINAR for a few more ideas though. Hope all is well.
    Warm regards from chilly (3rd coldest October on record) Fairbanks.
  • John Barba_6
    John Barba_6 Member Posts: 55
    Looking forward to it...

    Are you glad to have your Governor back?

    See you next week!

  • Rocky_3
    Rocky_3 Member Posts: 232
    Yep, I'm sure she's glad too

    I don't know how anyone could ever willingly subject themselves to such minute scrutiny. However now that she has made a splash on the national stage, I don't think we are going to have her past this term.

    Finally saw Tina Fey's impression of her on Saturday Night Live. Uncanny.

    See you next week. It is currently -18 right now, supposed to go to -20 to -24 tonight. Been a right down chilly Autumn. I know, I know, only in Alaska is -20 considered "Autmun".

    adios, amoeba,
  • John Barba_6
    John Barba_6 Member Posts: 55
    BTW --

    Hilpipre's over the house this afternoon -- says hi. He's very jelous of my Rocky's Heating Service hat!

    Later on...

  • Rick_87
    Rick_87 Member Posts: 21
    Will The Bobby Orr Jersey

    Make an appearance? Who opens the show? Kinks or Marshall Tucker Band?
  • Rocky_3
    Rocky_3 Member Posts: 232
    With good reason....

    Tell him if someone would be so kind as to e-mail me a functioning mailing address, he, too, might be the proud owner of a RHS hat or hoodie, or very cool long sleeve T-shirt. Reciprocity is always appreciated though! As we speak, Mr. Paul Rohrs is sending me a "Biggerstaff Radiant" golf windshirt as he was the sad loser of the bet between himself and this Oklahoma ex-pat on the Oklahoma/Nebraska football game debacle. Wampum obtained at the painful expense of someone else is always sweeter!
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