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Cross Reference for Gas Valves

Will the Honeywell VR8200H work with LP and Natural gas? What does the inlet and outlet size have to be for Natural gas? If one is already set up for LP, what steps has to be taken to change it over to Natural?


  • Cross Reference for Gas Valves

    Looking to cross reference the numbers on a Gas valve. Ex.
    VR8200H 1011... What do the numbers after the H mean.(1011)
    Is there a web site I can look it up.

    Thanks Ant
  • VR8200H-1011

    is a slow opening Honeywell gas valve used for LP/Nat gas. The H tells you that it is slow opening. The 1011 is to determine pipe size which is not important as you can use a 3/4" x 3/4" with bushings if needed.

    The Tradeline Honeywell catalog replacement is VR8200H-1251

  • Thanks Tim, what is the website to look it up..
  • Anthony


    Then just type in the numbers you are looking for.
  • T-Ray, What

    is the equipment the valve is on? Inlet and outlet size for LP or Natural will be the same as that determines BTU relationship. The thing that has to be converted is the orifices for the burners and the regulator on the valve.

    I am waiting for an answer from Honeywell on that particular valve as to whether it is a dedicated LP gas valve or if it can be converted. They have not returned my inquiry at this time.
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    VR8200H can be converted

    Hi Tim, if you look in the instructions on the Honeywell site for the VR8200, the "H" series can be converted to lp with the kit.

    The only one that cannot be converted is the step opening gas valves. Those are natural or LP specific
  • Glenn thanks,

    I realize that the problem is that some equipment manufacturers using that control do not want it converted. It states in the equipment instructions not to be converted. That is why I am hesitating to give the go ahead until I hear from Honeywell or the poster gives me the equipment involved.
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Did not know that

    I'm surprised to hear that. Never even thought about the OEM not wanting the valve converted even tho the Honeywell Literature says it's fine and a brand new valve would come with the LP kit.

    When you have a chance would you enlighten me as to which manufacturers and why they would not want it converted?

    Thanks Tim.
  • Not many have that

    requirement but some do and it has to do with liability not ability to convert. They make statements in their specs that anyone converting the gas valve from Natural to LP is toally responsible and the manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any error.

    Still others state when the necessity to convert is presented please contact manufacturer for a new gas valve.

    Still others right on the rating plate state this appliance is not to be converted "Natural Gas Only"

    I am sorry I do not keep a list of these just like to be careful when answering someone on the internet without seeing what is going on.

    The replacement I gave Anthony (VR8200H-1251) is listed in Honeywell Catalog page # 103 as for LP but over in the includes column is lists the Natural to LP gas conversion kit. Well I find that confusing as why would I want to convert a valve that is listed for LP to LP???
  • Talked to Honeywell today

    yes the VR8200H-1011 does not exist but there was a VR8200H-1012 no wonder I could not find it. It can be converted and the replacement is VR8200H-1251 which has an conversion kit which comes with the replacement.

    The tech did agree with me however that some valves can't be converted in the field and should say so on the valve.
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