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Anybody want this?

Tim_64 Member Posts: 76
I have a book. "STEAM: Its Generation and Use" by the Babcock and Wilcox Company, printed 1923. It was my grandfathers. He worked for Brooklyn Edison Co, now Consolidated Edison (Con Ed)

Glancing through it, it appears to focus on steam generation for power plants. Steam rating in horsepower. Has assorted equations. Calculus, integration.

Assays of coal and oil from various sources..

Anyway If anyone want this let me know... I'll drop it in the mail.. pay it forward so to say.


  • Matthew Grallert
    Matthew Grallert Member Posts: 109

    I would love that book but it turns out I already have it, An 1899 addition what areally neat box. Pay it forward.
  • Brad White_202
    Brad White_202 Member Posts: 105
    Oh Gawd yes....

    That is a classic and hard to find. I asked my uncle Arthur (Cdr. USN. Ret.) who served under Rickover, if I could have his copy upon his retirement.

    He said, "No."

    I will e-mail you off-line and will gladly pay P&H! Gladly!
  • Tim_64
    Tim_64 Member Posts: 76
    Brad WINS!!

    Brad, you win..

    in re your email... please give $10 to American cancer society or some appropriate charity..

    Send me your address privately and I'll get the book out asap

    the book is autographed by my gramps!!
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    What a generous offer and boy am I jealous. Tim

  • Paul Bock_2
    Paul Bock_2 Member Posts: 40
    Book Swap or what have you

    While we're on the subject of reference books, does anyone have an extra edition of the Trane Airconditioning Manual that they would like to part with?

    It's still avialable new, but I love used books:-)


    Paul B.
  • Brad White_203
    Brad White_203 Member Posts: 506
    I have two copies, Paul

    The older one I have had since Oct. 1977 but dates from 1965. My new one dates from 1996.

    While somewhat having sentimental value, I can part with the 1965 edition. I would say similar terms, a donation to the charity of your choice. Oil Heat Cares, American Cancer Society, etc.

    Send me your mailing address off-line!

  • Brad White_203
    Brad White_203 Member Posts: 506
    Thanks, Tim!

    This is a rare treat. Thank you. I will post a scan of the check for you.

  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    loved admiral rickover...

    he is the father of our nuclear navy, we never had a nuclear accident (we lost three subs, one to a fire, one to it's own torpedo, and one aground/crash)

    after “three mile island” they dragged his **** up on capital hill and asked him two things
    how come he never had a nuclear accident, and what to do with all those cost overruns,
    his answers:

    1)do what I do – lock your plant operators into the containment chamber like we do aboard ship, they are locked in from the outside for the shift – and trust me they will watch that reactor like a hawk and scram at the first sign of trouble

    2)cost overruns: I will tell you what to do, but I know you wont do it!!!, “put’em all in jail!!!” (he was talking about the execs of the military contractors )

    you gotta love this guy – but of course, everybody was dead scared of him
  • Tim_64
    Tim_64 Member Posts: 76
    Its outa here

    Book is on the way
  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,304
    Thanks Dan!

    You've built a truly wonderful place :~)

    Yours, Larry
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