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Richard Branson

joel_19 Member Posts: 931
Richard Branson had a tuff week guys. He was trying to set a world record for sailing across the Atlantic in his 99ft racing yaught. Unfortunately for him mother nature didn't like the plan and gave his 99ft boat a big 'ol smack down in the form of a 40 ft wave which busted it up pretty good.Thankfully all the crew was wisely lashed in,didn't end up as fish food,and they are limping into Bermuda for a little R&R.

Loosing out after all that planning will devestate alot of people they would be depressed for months i bet he doesn't really shed a tear.

Things not going well in your company cause the econamy sucks?? think about this. Richard started Virgin Galactic. The very first airline to promise to send people to space. They have sold over $$30Million worth of tickets to fly into outer space on a plane that doesn't exsist!!!!

If he can do that then i KNOW that I can go sell some solar systems or boiler or something at the home show I've got to work at today and i'm goin to do it at a profit and so can you!! Stop whining about the stock market or whatever and get out there and get it done! $30 mill to get on something that might end up being our generations Titanic...


  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies Member Posts: 250

    As a fellow Brit Richard is one of my hero's, his spirit has also passed on to his kids, as two of them were on the trip with him.

    It may be in a boat or a balloon, he loves his adventures. Also he's afine example to us all when it comes to business. Small praise I can tell you for an Englishman from a Scotsman!!!
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