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Prestige Outdoor Reset

Let`s see,,, I`m gonna take a guess here and say almost everyone who has/installed one.<BR>Why do you ask?<BR><BR>Dave


  • Fred Almeida
    Fred Almeida Member Posts: 12
    Prestige Outdoor Reset

    Anyone change the oydoor reset heating curve for a call for heat with indoor temperature above outdoor temp?
  • poor documentation

    I don't like how in the manual it says: "This parameter should not be changed from the factory setting of 01. The performance of the central heating will be affected and become unreliable" (???) it's thrown a couple of our guys off, I think its just to cover their **** if you freeze the place solid ;)
  • Glenn Sossin_2
    Glenn Sossin_2 Member Posts: 592
    Got it wrong

    I believe this is the excerpt from the user manual that you may be referring to in your comment-

    "Note 3: This parameter should not be changed from the
    factory setting. The performance of the CH
    (Central/Space Heating) will be affected and can
    become unreliable."

    Below is what they don't want you to do by accident-

    OFF In this mode the Prestige will NOT recognize
    any request for a “call for heat” for space
    heating. This mode shuts down the CH operation,
    both burner and CH circulator function, of
    the Prestige control.The Prestige will maintain
    all DHW operation, both burner and DHW circulator
    function, as well as the freeze protection of
    the boiler.

    If, because you are unfamiliar with this control and its functions, you may accidentally do the above - then you will potentially have a water heating device only. It will completely ignore requests to turn on the CH (central heating) pump terminals and fire the boiler. That's why they offer courses, to learn about the boiler and its controls.

    True story - about a year ago, a home owner started poking around in these settings - didn't know what he was doing - and then noticed he had no heat. Of course, he calls the original installing contractor. He comes over - couldn't figure out what was wrong. A 2nd one was called in ... same result. A 3rd one was called in - he couldn't figure it out either, but he called me because he knew I was familiar with the boiler and its control.

    While I didn't exactly know what was wrong, I decided to review the parameters first, and see if any were changed from the factory setting. Well guess what I found ..... parameter 3 was changed.

    This is the best condensing boiler / best value out there. It's not their **** they are trying to cover, - bend over buddy -they were trying to cover your ****.

    My $.02

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