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steam radiator vents

I have new Vent-Rite air vents and on the bottom of them are white turnable knobs. numbered from 1 to 9. how do i interperte the numbers, and what do they mean?


  • Brad White_203
    Brad White_203 Member Posts: 506
    Open to Closed, Faster to Slower

    The higher the number, the faster it will vent, the lower the number, the slower it will vent.

    Typically, this adjustment is used in conjunction with other similar radiator vents or other vents of any type, to regulate how fast air gets out and how fast steam gets in.

    For the matter at hand, I am glad that they are all the same and all adjustable.

    You want all of your radiators to get hot at the same time, ideally, so the radiators closest to the boiler will get a lower number setting and the furthest ones a higher number setting.

    Adjust them sparingly, meaning wait a few hours and a few cycles between re-adjustments. Once you get them all working together, leave them alone. I would start with all on "5", the mid-point, and adjust from there. Your perceived distance and the actual time for steam delivery may be different.

    Oh, while we are at this, make sure that you have generously (read: properly) sized main vents. Do not make these new vents work to hard.

    Do not be mis-lead by the "Spinal Tap" vents. That is a hoax. There is no "11" :)
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