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Risers to header, 2 better than 1

klaus Member Posts: 183
The boiler I am thinking of getting has 2 tappings for risers to the header. They are each 2 1//2 inch tappings. Is it better to use two risers to the header versus just one riser? Would this help get drier steam and lessen the need for a drop header?


  • I would

    use both from the boiler, tie into a drop header then supply your system from there(downstream from the 2 of course), then the steam will exit the boiler more evenly instead of only 1 side.

  • Brad White_203
    Brad White_203 Member Posts: 506
    Yes, Use All Available Outlet Tappings

    I would also, depending on the steam output, increase them a size to 3-inch if you can but at least use both or rather, all that are available if there would be more.

    A dropped header is also a nice thing to do if you can, as Dave mentioned. You are only going to do this once, right? :)

    The goal is to decrease the exit velocity from the boiler and hence get you drier steam. It will also avoid stacking the water toward the exit side when steaming, essentially sloping your waterline and wreaking havoc with level-based controls potentially.
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