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Customer Service

they should take it back. I would have asked to see the store manager if someone told me that. They can find better help than that.


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  • Boston_2
    Boston_2 Member Posts: 107
    Customer Service

    This might not be the correct forum for this blog entry, but…

    Just the other day I ordered a low pressure gauge for my steam boiler at a local plumbing supply store. After installation I realized that there was a problem with gauge and asked the store to order me another gauge. When I tried to return the first gauge, they told me this wasn’t Home Depot and this was a place for professionals and not to come back if I was just going to return things that I purchased.

    There are several plumbing supply stores in my area and I obviously decided to go somewhere else. I noticed that every store I went to was not designed for the public.

    This is what drives the average person to go to Home Depot and away from the small business owner. We need the small business owner!
  • Brad White_200
    Brad White_200 Member Posts: 148
    So, what that guy was telling you is

    that as a professional you should just suck it up and keep a defective product?

    Was that the counter guy or management? If the counter guy, I would take it to management. If it goes to management and you got the same treatment, take it to the competition and tell them why.

    If they are competing against on-line sales, that is tough enough without, ah, micturating on your footwear...
  • Leo_16
    Leo_16 Member Posts: 37
    A good plumbing supply

    A good plumbing supply store is geared toward the trade, not the public. They make their money from trade people. A Home Depot on the other hand is geared toward the public. Each has it's place.

  • oil246gas
    oil246gas Member Posts: 12

    a real plumbing supply would honor it and give you another guage unless it looks lke it was dropped, -overtightened or realy in bad shape
  • Larry (from OSHA)
    Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 716
    My take:

    It can be very frustrating trying to get things working. So if the part is bad and it's the right part, it should be exchanged, no big deal. If it's the wrong part that you asked for, a re-stocking charge is in order and get the right part. Again, no big deal. Perhaps there is some information about this transaction that has not been shared. Going into a wholesale parts distributor and trying to buy retail can be a challenge. But, it doesn't do anyone any good to alienate any customer. Good customer relations are always returned in multiples. My $0.02 worth.

  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    I like Johnstone because they will NOT quote a price until they know who they are talking to...and they DO NOT sell to the public. I guarantee my price at the supplier I frequent is less than the 'cash' price, and you are likely being charged more for a cash sale at a wholesaler than you would be at HD. The guy off the street pays A LOT at the wholesaler...

    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    Similar situation, we ordered 1 burner assembly from our

    supplier for pool and spa heater parts for a specific job. My partner, who did this, wrote it on a po while talking to the vendor. They shipped us 4 burner assembly's. I called the counter person who Bryan talked to and she basically said, "well I would have only ordered 4 if you told be 4 so it's really your problem". Wellllllll, I said that we wrote the PO while talking to her and wrote down 1 and therefore only ordered 1. 2nd, why would we stock 4 burner assys for a heater we maybe see once a year. She said well we are at an impass and I will have to talk to my mgr. After several days, she talked to her mgr and sent me an RGA to return. With 25% restocking charge. Hmmmmmm. This is a large 50 + store supplier and this was one branch. What she did not know is I knew the 2nd in charge of the parent company and head of all sales for co. Guess who I called. Well suffice it to say, I got a call that afternoon from store mgr with "we will pick up the extra parts we sent you and credit you for them". No apology although but the chief I talked to apologized profusely for the lack of customer service. Ps, this is a company we have dealt with for the last 30 yrs. As I said to the guy I know, where in the heck is the customer service!!! That's like going to a customers house and installing 2 boilers instead of one and telling the client well you ordered 2 so if you are changing your mind I will have to charge you a restocking charge to take it back!!
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