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Reverse cycle chillers

it doubles the cost. There is another. Robur Gas absorption reversible HP. They make an air source and a water source. The require natural gas or propane but only need a 200v/15 amp circuit to run. They are not cheap, so double the cost is definite but here in CT I've been able to convince the gas co to offer substantial rebates on them. I think Cali would also be conducive to such rebates. Tell them CT does, that'll frost their butts, they hate being behind on anything. LOL!

They operate at above 100% efficiency in HEAT mode and can top out at as much as 150% under the right conditions. click on the American flag if you find yourself reading Italian at first. ;) They're claiming ~ 14SEER in cooling but don't have the data to support it as far as I know.


  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394

    I know we dont talk cost. However the vendor for the reverse cycle chiller cant get back to me soon and I need a budgeting number for a contractor. How about percentage over a normal condensor or condensing boiler like a Knight. E mail is [email protected]
  • What kind,,,

    of reverse cycle chiller?
  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394

    air source by auqa products. Other than unico they are the only air source manufacturer I can find. Lots of geo companies out their but the jobs in San Fransisco and drilling is not a option no room for a ground loop.
  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394

    That is a nice machine. Way to stay on the edge. I am will definatly look into using the product in california. I hope it meets our low nox gas laws. Their are quit a few boilers and furnaces we cant use because of that. Thanks for the insight.
  • The thing is,

    it burns at 80% so if you were to test for low nox it may not pass as a constantly operating unit but because it only fires the burner intermittently during operation it's OVERALL output of nox per btuh output should fall well within guidelines. It draws heat from the atmosphere and combines it(so to speak) with the energy provided by the burning gas. So during a normal operation cycle it may run a fan and a pump constantly but only occasionally burn gas to support the function of the refrigeration circuit. On warmish days (45-50*) I've seen it start and run fan and pump only (7 minute "spin up" cycle), before introducing gas, and create a TD of 10* on the 13 gpm that travels through it. Then, if water temp setpoint is made, it shuts off the gas and goes into a 10 minute "spin down" cycle where it continues to produce heat but at a diminishing rate. So there are times at higher outdoor temps when it may start, run and satisfy the call before it ever fires gas. They are amazing machines. If you park it where the sun can get at all three sides of the condenser/evaporator during the winter that will further improve it's performance. The suggestion I've heard is to plant trees around it that shade in the summer but allow sun through in the winter. Do the trees lose their leaves in Frisco for winter? They have so far proven to be very reliable machines. Another selling point is all the parts are "American" and are purchased here and shipped overseas to Italy for assembly so really, almost everything in there is readily available on the shelf here in the US and there is no issue with waiting for parts from Italy. They are all readily available in Evansville Ind and can be had overnight if necessary.
  • Talk to,,,

    Willis (Willy) Schroder in Evansville, tell him Mark from CT sent you. ;)

  • Will, without a doubt Unico has the best bang for the buck. I have installed several Aquaproducts and now several Unico chillers.

    The Aquaproducts runs around $8-10K for packaged units and the unico runs $4-6K. Don't forget your buffer tank either, you will need to size it for a minimum run time of 10 minutes according to the RPA.

    I know the Aquaproducts is slightly more efficient but you will never see a ROI on one over the Unichiller. The Unichiller has a COP of 2.5 on a 10 degree day. It's tough to beat that.

    Additionally Aquaproducts literature is WORTHLESS and the control circuitry is very limited. It takes a bit of re-wiring to control it from anything but a White Rogers thermostat. Unico's literature is actually better than 90% of the boiler manufacturers complete with head loss charts and piping diagrams.

    Email me for more questions as we have been doing RCC's now for 2 years successfully.

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