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Radiators and Condensing boilers / efficiency

Can radiators be used efficiently with a hot water condensing boiler?

i know the hot water radiators have to be used with a higher temp and condensing boilers seem to run more efficiently at lower temperatures.

If a condensing boiler is not an option - what is the next best type of boiler for efficiency?
thanks for the info and help.


  • Brad White_203
    Brad White_203 Member Posts: 506
    Yes of course

    The key is to use aggressive outdoor reset in order to reduce the required water temperatures such that you are in the condensing zone for as many hours as the weather allows.

    The attached Brookhaven National Labs study, by Dr. Butcher, et. al. demonstrated this, for houses with FTR sized for 180F water on the coldest day.

    It may also be that RIGHT NOW you have radiation what once was sized for 180F water but improvements to insulation, windows, air sealing, etc. has also reduced your water temperature requirements for the coldest day.

    That said, what this does is lower your starting point and you reset even lower from there.

    Such a deal.
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