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Circulating pumps

Time was when most circulators were installed on the return side of boilers, the reasoning being that the circulator would see lower water temperatures and last longer for it.

An outfall of that thinking was air removal. The air scoop was placed at the outlet of the boiler where the water was naturally hottest and thus allowed to release most of it's entrained air.

The downside was, there was a neat little tapping there for the expansion tank. Not bad in and of itself, but then it was <i>used</i> to connect the expansion tank. Now you were "pumping to" rather than "pumping away" from the expansion tank.

That is the most important thing you can do. If you do not move the circulator, move the tank connection point to just upstream of the circulator.


  • Paul_93
    Paul_93 Member Posts: 2
    Circulating pumps

    I've been told that the circulating pumps for my hot radiators should push the water thru a boiler rather than pulling it thru any body know ??
  • Paul_93
    Paul_93 Member Posts: 2

    Hey Brad, thanks for the info just to let you know the way my system is set up, I have the expansion tank on the return side of the boiler then on the feed side I have the pump, so I should move the pump so it can push the water thru the expansion tank and then the boiler - yes ????
  • Couderay
    Couderay Member Posts: 314
    In this order

    Boiler out-expansion tank-circulator
  • Brad White_202
    Brad White_202 Member Posts: 105
    As Joe said. Pump

    Away from the expansion tank, always, no matter what side of the boiler it is on.
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