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insulation for fittings

MikeyB Member Posts: 696
Go to McMaster-Carr's website, they have some pvc cover's for ell's, 45's, tee's, end caps, all different sizes. Pages 3419, and 3420


  • Dry Steam
    Dry Steam Member Posts: 32

    I know it was mentioned in aprevious thread, but is their a brush on or moldable insulation for fittings or the ends of the insulation to tidy them up? Thanks for any help!
  • Dry Steam
    Dry Steam Member Posts: 32


  • I've seen a high temperature insulated cement used for fittings and gaps How good is this and does anyone have a source where to get it?
  • Dry Steam
    Dry Steam Member Posts: 32

    Yeah that's what I'm talking about. I have some on the older sections of mains in my house, but no idea where to get it?

  • I looked around as I thought I'd seen something like it in one of the pictures posted. Maybe Gerry Gill could tell us about it as I think it was one of his systems.

    I ran across some stuff called Thermocote made by Ramco Insulation but I don't know where to get it or whether it does the job or not. I've a real need for something I can form as I have some interesting twists and turns in my system and am mixing old and new insulation and need to fill gaps etc.

    Scott- This source on fiberglass insulation and fitting insulation was in another post by Tim which I just read.
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