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solar insulation

kpc_39 Member Posts: 5
using for exterior pipe insulation? Armaflex HT looks hard to find but have heard good things about it.


  • Simply Rad_2
    Simply Rad_2 Member Posts: 171
    Exterior insulation

    I have been using Tec Lite insulation. PVC jacketed and rated for high temps. I have seen alot of damage to outside insulation such as Armflex. Birds for some reason like to peek at it. PVC will protect it from those critters and the sun.

  • Mike C._4
    Mike C._4 Member Posts: 56
    solar insulation

    I used fiberglass with PVC jacketing.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,875
    watch the temperature rating

    not all brands will handle the 300F plus temperatures that could be experienced with stagnant solar conditions. Also painting the insulation with a latex house paint will help protect against UV.

    I'd second the Techlite product with the PVC or ripstop jacketing. It was designed for outside use in process piping applications.

    Last I checked they would ship small quantities in any size and color. www.techlite.net, I think.

    Check into some of the pre-insulated solar tube products available. You can get flexiable stainless and copper versions with single or dual pipe. Most have a wire inside also for the panel sensor.


    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Mike C._4
    Mike C._4 Member Posts: 56
    fiberglass insulation

    Fiberglass goes to 850 deg F.
  • pre-made

    we used the caleffi dual insulated stainless w/wire on our last job, quite pricey but really not that far off when you add up the labor & material to use soft copper & armaflex. but the time saving is really significant.

    the armaflex ht is nice but you have to use their high temp glue which is very expensive ($80/pint!) & our supplier could only get it in full cases of 12! ouch!
  • michael_34
    michael_34 Member Posts: 303
    fiber glass

    The major problems I have seen with Fiberglass insulation is waterlogging. This is mostly with metal jacketing, but i have seen it with PVC jacketing. Unless the pvc is completely sealed the fiberglass becomes a sponge. That is why I switch to armaflex ht or Ecoflex.
  • michael_34
    michael_34 Member Posts: 303

    I paid $18.00 for a pint of glue.
  • kpc_40
    kpc_40 Member Posts: 62
    what if...

    I were to use the fiberglass. And used a number of layers of duct tape or waterproof paint? The other stuff is not available through my supply house.
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