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EJ hoffman
EJ hoffman Member Posts: 126
what was wrong the knuckle head who replaced the leaking pressure relief valve dripped solder on it,copper releif line, and a smidgen of it got into the unit through the low voltage knockout and shorted out the transformer. The cost of not knowing customer pays for parts and service charge, the cost of knowing customer gets free service call, new part, plumber gets lecture on dripping/wasting solder. I sleep better and customer thinks I am too honest


  • Mickey_5
    Mickey_5 Member Posts: 2
    L8148E transformer

    I installed a new boiler earlier in the summer for a customer. They went to turn the heat on today but it didnt fire. Went to customers house and found no power on the 24v side. Appears the transformer burnt out. Can I replace just the transformer on the control? Do I need a transformer just for the L8148 or is it the same as the 24v transformer I have on the truck already? Thanks in advance. Mickey
  • steveex
    steveex Member Posts: 95

    Save yourself time, change the unit.
  • Mickey_5
    Mickey_5 Member Posts: 2

    Is it a "special" 24v transformer or a standard one? If its a standard transformer why spend $200 for the control when the transformer costs $12?
  • Leo_16
    Leo_16 Member Posts: 37

    Why did it fail? Installer error too bad, lightning insuarnce may cover it. If it just died and you put it in last summer it should be warranted.

  • Mickey, be careful

    as you could have something out of phase and burn out another transformer. Are you familar with phasing of transformer?
  • Glenn E Sossin_2
    Glenn E Sossin_2 Member Posts: 8
    Riight idea

    Leo has the right idea. Before you spend any more money, understand what might have gone wrong. This way your not going to throw good money away.

  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    I don't think

    It is field replaceable
  • The transformer in the

    L8148E is not field replaceable. You will need a new relay, however before I stuck a new relay in there I would determine what the problem is or you may just do in a nother transformer. In those transformers in the relay "Z" is hot and "TV" is common.
  • Dan Monsen
    Dan Monsen Member Posts: 13

    I had the same problem with a transformer cooking on a control and it was a zone valve causing the short.
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