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Geothermal retrofit and my dad

Just simply show him your heat loss/gain calculations and compare to the air handling equipment output you are proposing. (In regards to CFM and water temps the Geo equipment will produce efficiently.)

I normally tell people that I need to be able to distribute the energy I create with a properly designed system or we are both wasting our time.

If you have a flow hood show him exactly the total air delivery volume and show him the difference and let him make the decision.

Jim Hilpipre


  • Dad's heat pump retrofit

    My dad is great. He was able to put me and six siblings through college while keeping a combination dairy and beef operation profitable. Now that all the "help" has moved on, Dad is thinking about getting out of the Longwood combination oil/wood stove he's had for decades and going with geothermal. I'll try to be brief and thorough at the same time.
    His house is a two story 3300 sq ft, 4br, 2 bath home. It was built in 1970 with electric baseboard. It was retrofitted with a simple duct system that delivers 900 cfm to perimeter registers on the first floor and one 4 by 12 register in the middle of the hall on the second floor. I know I can get a supply and a return trunk to the second floor attic and install a distribution system that will service the second floor but I am having a bit of trouble selling all the extra work. I know it's necessary but he is reluctant. Any suggestions?
    Also, would there be any gain in having the grey water in the house piped into a trench next to a closed loop for heat exchange?

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