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EK install ( Ron Jr. )

They gave you some room, and look at that! WOW! That customer will notice a big savings on their oil bill this year. Great work, Ron & crew!


  • Jericho , NY

    Usually we see big ol' Federal tin cans in these homes . This was an unpleasant suprise . A big cast iron beastie .
  • EK System 2000

    We're averaging 2 EKs a week , and they're getting easier and easier to install . Phil and Paul were my partners for this one .
  • JohnNY
    JohnNY Member Posts: 3,226
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    Heating in NYC or NJ.
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    And the best part

    is that you can get to everything. Nice job.

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  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Damn Ron....

    Worst to best in a shot!

    I wish I had your crew. Chris
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    Ron, which zone valves are you using, Tim

  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 6,691
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,077
    Serving Cleveland's eastern suburbs from Cleveland Heights down to Cuyahoga Falls.

  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 552

    nice work Ron
  • losthope
    losthope Member Posts: 10

  • losthope
    losthope Member Posts: 10

    someone is going to have fun changing that expansion tank when it fails
  • Brad White_200
    Brad White_200 Member Posts: 148
    Ron and Crew fought the battle of Jericho..

    and the old boiler came tumbling down!

    Something nearly biblical about your work, Ron, said with no hubris intended nor projected of course.

    The Owners probably had no idea what they were getting. The pride you and your crew show has no price. What a great feeling that must be to do such outstanding work in such tight spaces. You could eat off that floor.

    Once again, you get the Shoe-horn and Vaseline Award!
  • Thanks alot

    John , Frank and Chris . That means alot coming from installers like you guys .
  • Those come with the EK package

    I think they're Erie ? I'd rather use Honeywell myself ......
  • What's the problem ?

    Have you ever tried to hang onto a full tank when it's hanging down ?

    Ever spin off a full tank the way we pipe it ?

    I'll keep doing it this way , buddy . You can go on and keep risking your fingers getting crushed . I've seen it happen .

  • Thanks Bill

    It's great to see you posting . How have you been ?
  • Thank you Gerry and Avodeist

    From the mass of the old clunker to this new little 2.5 gallon boiler and the controls , I think a 50% savings can be attainable .
  • Biblical ?

    Wow Brad . You would not have thought that if you heard the conversation we had when we saw this in the basement . We expected a 400 lb tin can of a boiler . We got 800 lbs of crap that had to be split . I left there looking like Al Jolsen . There was nothing biblical about that job , except I brought up J.C. quite a few times .........

    Thanks so much Brad . You're right about the owners too , barely got a thank you .
  • Bruce M_2
    Bruce M_2 Member Posts: 123
    Another Great Installation

    Hi Ron, Your installations not only look good but they perform well. Did you ever find your camera? It is good to see that your sales people are pushing the System 2000. With the current price of oil you will have a lot of happy customers. Maybe you could give the sales people some of your pictures to show how well the system will be installed.
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
    you got your thank you....

    As long as you got paid in full!!!

    Nice job, are the new front opening EK's a lot easier to clean than the older style? I think that what you have in the pic is the Frontier right?

  • Howard Emerson
    Howard Emerson Member Posts: 111
    Looks like the unit my M-I-L has..........

    ...........that's been draining her wallet big time........

    I would not be surprised if the EK-1 does save almost 50% over the old system when you consider that the old boiler turned on whenever it needed to warm itself, season-be-damned, and the Bock made all the hot water.

    We love our EK-1.

  • Ken Field
    Ken Field Member Posts: 127
    This one bent my hand truck.

    It weighed in at 860. My hand truck is rated for 800 and obviously there is no 10% safety factor. Luckily, It only bent the motor mounting plate but this thing did not want to leave it's old home. 4 steps and about 40 feet of yard and it took 3 of us almost an hour. These people went from 1150 gallons to 600 last year.

    Ken F

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  • It is

    a big difference in size , huh ?

    Have you kept track of your fuel use since the switch , Howard ?
  • Hey Bruce

    Yep I found my camera , it fell between the seats in my personal van . I looked high and low for that sucker for a few days too . I'm working on a photo album so the saled dept can show some jobs to our customers . I'll post some pics of your boiler very soon , thanks for letting us install the system .
  • Very easy to clean

    3 nuts to remove and the whole front swings down . Everything is serviced from the front . Thank you Cosmo .
  • Wow that was some drop

    in fuel use . That old mama did look very heavy . What kind of handtruck was it ? Real nice install Ken .
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479

    Very nice installo. I'm not that familiar with EK. What is the black box the boiler is sitting on? WW

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  • Howard Emerson
    Howard Emerson Member Posts: 111
    Our usage dropped.............

    ........from 1230 gallons a year to 790 a year. We just passed the 2 year period on Sept.15.

    We just tolerated having enough hot water for short showers, but a separate hot water boiler is just insane oil usage, and that's what my M-I-L goes through.

    Of course trying to get her to spend the 7-8K for a brand new system despite the numbers being proven? Forget it.........

  • JackR
    JackR Member Posts: 125
    What happened..

    to Burnham and Peerless? What did you do kick them to the curb?
  • Ken Field
    Ken Field Member Posts: 127
    It was a WESCO

    and looks exactly like the Escalera. I think the accessories are even interchangable. It was fine after a little disassembly and bracket bending. I would take a cast iron sectional over a steel monster like that when it comes to moving. We put in a primary/secondary setup for the main house and the others were small zones. I don't know of anything that could work better (or I would have proposed it).

    Ken F

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