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Hydrolic radiant in floor heating

Edina Member Posts: 3
Thanks for all your help!!! :))))


  • Edina
    Edina Member Posts: 3
    Hydronic radiant in floor heating


    We just moved in to a brand new house which has hydronic radiant infloor heating..my question is..?? How does this system work..we 4 zones in our house every zone has it's own digital thermostate..we set the thermostate to 20C down stairs..the heat is awesome.. the system heats the water until the room temp reaches the 20C then suts down ( gas furnace..) but beacuse the water in the tubes is still hot the room temp goes up to 23C??? Which makes sense..but if we set the thermostate to 18C which is going to give us a good 21C the air has to cool down to a not very nice 18C in the house so the system would turn on again..??? Maybe we should reset the water temp on the system???
    Please help..

  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    There are special controls for radiant systems that sense the temperature climbing and shut off just at the right time to not over-shoot the set temp. Look at the Tekmar tN-4 system. Outdoor reset will also save you $$$ in gas.

    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,514
    Heat cycle Rate

    Try adjusting the heat cycle rate on the thermostats first.

    If you have the instruction for the thermostat check them and follow the programming for water/infloor radiant. this setting will only allow the heat to turn on so many times per hour so that it will not "Overshoot".. try this..if this does not help try the tekmar controls.. or call a pro to check the system out.
  • Edina
    Edina Member Posts: 3
    Thermostate for Hydronic baseboard heaters


    It's me again..we bought new digital Honeywell thermostates for all the 4 zones..it works perfectly with the in-floor hydronic radiant system no overheating anymore ( we've found the settings for water/hydronic heating) our only problem now is that upstaris we have a the baseboard which uses the water it thing they call them hydronic baseboards??? I don't think they work with these thermostates??? They come on every 15 minutes at night for about 5 minutes??? Is this normal?? We tried to programm the thermostate differently but no luck..??? Can you please help us??? Maybe we should install back the non digital thermostate??

    Please help!!!

    Thanks again a million!!!
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