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Carlin EZ Gas Conversion Burner

need to get some training on converions and that will eliminate some of the fears the officials seem to have. We have been converting boilers here in Rhode Island for over 50 years and to the best of my knowledge have not had a problem. Technically any modification to a piece of equipment from gas valves to pilots voids warranties if suggested manufacturer controls are not used. Even so it would have to be proven that the conversion actually damaged the boiler under any warranty condition.

The EZ burner seems to have very few problems that I have heard from those putting them in here in RI. I personally have not done one so I resereve comment on that particular burner.


  • Jim Carey
    Jim Carey Member Posts: 1
    Carlin EZ Gas Conversion Burner

    Do these burners work well when replacing an oil burner? What are the pros and cons?
  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402

    Generally they do work well, but the cons are these:
    Is the boiler UL listed for use with a gas burner?
    Will you void the warranty on the boiler by changing it to gas?
    Is putting a UL gas burner into a UL listed oil boiler allowed in your code jurisdiction?
    How much liability do you want to accept for making this change?
    If something happens and you get sued, will your insurance cover it?

    It's a big issue here in the Northeast and in Maine especially. The manufacturers got caught with their collective pants down as it generally takes weeks to get a burner. I recently did a survey of manufacturers and some will cover against manufacturing defects only if the burner is changed, and some won't. It's a chance you take by changing the specs on a unit that was UL listed for one application only. Step carefully.
    Best bet on convertions.....change the boiler too.

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  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Tim, isn't the EZ-Gas

    (and other models of inshot gas burner) approved for use as a conversion/retrofit unit like the Honeywell Y8610 and other spark-to-pilot ignition retrofit kits? If so, as I believe, this should take care of some of the liability concerns.....

    The burner itself is a nice unit. It's basically the same chassis as the EZ-1 oil burner, solidly made. We get some real nice combustion numbers when we use EZ-Gas units on Smith G-8 boilers- typically less than 22% excess air without excessive CO. Of course we don't leave them on the bleeding edge- depending on the application the EA ranges from 25-29% as finally adjusted. Try to find an atmospheric boiler that will operate properly with EA that low......

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  • Steamhead, there is no

    problem installing a gas conversion burner which has been tested and approved. The problem becomes the boiler mfr. who voids the warranty if a burner they have not approved for use in their equipment is installed. I always picked up the warranty myself on the boiler, never had to replace one yet in over 40 years. Properly done the conversion will only make the system better based on all my testing over the years.
  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929

    Tim, I agree wholeheartedly with you, so I don't need the lecture, but our code officials sure do. We are being told that all equipment installed MUST be UL approved for the installation. The local gas utility had been getting away with putting in crap burners for years, and here we come trying to do the job right, and we get this kind of treatmeat. I am a big supporter of codes and standards, but sometimes it seems like the officials are after the guys trying to do things right, and not after the screwballs of our industry that are making things tough for us "pros". When done correctly, there is no issue other than the one the code officials and lawyers of this world will try to jump all over if something goes wrong. We have a gas license in this state that says you have to be licensed to do any gas work, yet HD and Lowe's and Sears and any corner hardware store can sell water heaters, boilers and space heating gas equipment to anyone they please.. the State has said it simply doesn't have the money to fight their lawyers....go figure.
    Makes me so glad I am getting out of the business...at least on the installing and services end of the wrenches.

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  • Al no lecture for you

    as you and I have talked about this before. I have also had similar discussion with others up your way. I offered my services to come up and do some training for the state and they turned me down as I am not liscensed in Maine. The individual I talked to said if I did not have a liscense I must not know anything.
  • Jim, I am going

    to try and get the Carlin folks down to my center soon. I will let you know when they are coming and you are welcome to attend.
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