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Question about Oxygen Inhibitors

Thanks Brad, For the good advice, what was the first name brand you mentioned it seems to have been cutoff.


  • Are there Oxygen Inhibitors available?

    Years ago I went to a DH seminar where he demonstrated a product that would prevent rust in the boiler. It was a liquid that you added to the hot water system. I could really use some of that stuff. I've tried finding some in the past but the best I can do is be told that it's not made any more. I thought I saw some thing advertised in PM magazine but I can't find it again. If any one knows where to get it, please let me know. I have an old radiant system with no oxygen barrier. I thought the new crown boiler would be impervious with it's aluminum core, but according to Crown, not so. I understand I could do a plate exchanger but right now that's not good for me. Because doing that will make the whole idea of this boiler less attractive for many more reasons, than I care to get into.
  • Brad White_198
    Brad White_198 Member Posts: 72
    Rhomar 922

    is one chemical which has O2 scavengers. There are others, Barclay, Nalco, etc.

    The broader question is, if you have an ongoing O2 absorption problem, none of these will solve it once and for all, just maintain the situation with a fluctuation from good to poor as the O2 scavenger chemistry breaks down over time. Good for getting you to where you want to be in a closed system but not a long-term solution.

    I would bite the bullet and use a plate exchanger to isolate your problem side, personally. Otherwise you will find yourself in the chemical business.

    My $0.02

  • Brad White_198
    Brad White_198 Member Posts: 72
    Rhomar 922

    Rhomar 922 is the brand- it was up in the subject line, sort of a "Wallie" context thing :)
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