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Boiler firing too often during summer

the aquastat on the indirect, or perhaps get rid of it and control through an actual boiler control.It sounds like the diferential is set to close it should be above 5 degrees no less.


  • Tortured
    Tortured Member Posts: 1
    Burner firing frequently in summer

    I have a Burnham hydronics heating system with an indirect hot water system with an 80 gallon tank (house and system about 3 years old). There's no AC. During the summer the burner fires up about 20-30 times a day - generally every hour and half when we're not using any hot water (e.g., overnight) and more often when there's any water use,although we are light users (no more than 30 minutes per day). The usual firing time is 4 minutes, sometimes less. The phamphlet with the system says that it shouldn't fire more than five times a day during the summer; the three plumbers we've had in says it's set up properly. Is this normal? If not, any ideas of where to start to fix it?
  • Dave MH
    Dave MH Member Posts: 9
    same issue

    I have about the same issue. Altho, in my case the furnace comes on 2-3 times a day and runs for 20 minutes. 40 gal. super insulated indirect tank. I'll be anxious to see responses to your post and what solutions folks might suggest.

    In my case, until I figure something out, I use the furnace emergency off switch and only allow the furnace to run once a day - the 40 gallons is plenty unless bathtub or laundry.

  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    I ve

    Ive seen that happen with a water leak on the hot water pipe
    under a house before.

    I would turn everything off in the house and clock the water meter.
  • Roland_14
    Roland_14 Member Posts: 10
    I second

    the possible water leak.
  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
    Couple things

    Is it gas or oil ? Does it have a triple aquastat w/ low limit ? Is there a recirculation line on the DHW system ?

    Maybe the burner is wired to maintain limit temp. What is the boiler's temperature range throughout the day ?

    Regardless of what the three plumbers say, it shouldn't run that way and is probably not set up right.
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