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Hartford Loop and Main Vent piping in one pipe steam - uh oh...

J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
#2 COULD be a problem, if you don't have the recommended distance from the waterline to the first elbow on the header(s). I like to see 24" minimum, but the manufacturer has the final say.

Pictures would be good. Chris


  • Peter Zelchenko
    Peter Zelchenko Member Posts: 21
    Hartford Loop and Main Vent piping in one pipe steam - uh oh...

    Hi, I have 1 a one pipe steam system and have read all of Dan's steam books cover to cover.

    I noticed what could be a few issues with my piping and could use your opinions. Thanks so much for your help from a homeowner trying to fix issues before it gets cold.

    1) Main vent is 9" not the recomended 15" from the end of the condensate return where is drops to the boiler. It is a new vent and up on a tee 10" from the return pipe. The end of the return is right near my boiler so unless I redo the entire return pipe system this is as good as I can get it.
    - Is this a big issue to not have it the 15" away?

    2) Hartford loop. From what I understand the top of the loop is supposed to be a minimum of 2" below the waterline. In my case it is 1.5" from the top of the waterline. My Wiel McLain manual shows a waterline of 23 13/16th's.
    - Should this be changed so that there is 2" or more from the top of the loop to the waterline...if so why (safety/efficiency etc.)?
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,077
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  • Peter Zelchenko
    Peter Zelchenko Member Posts: 21
    Loop to waterline issue?

    Hi and thanks for the replies guys. I have definately met the 24" min from waterline to the bottom of the header....it's more like 32"....it's the top of the hartford loop (Top of the "h"), that is 1.5" to the waterline instead of 2". What negative or drawbacks might happen when I fire up the boiler? Thanks
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