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how to split a 2-story monoflow system?

Rich Kontny_3
Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
Install non electric thermostatic regulating valves on at least the area you want to zone. In an old farm house this will probaly be your most cost effective way to go.

Unless you have true radiator valves that allow flow control with just a minimum of pin hole flow (if you will)

Rich Kontny

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  • CC.Rob_4
    CC.Rob_4 Member Posts: 37
    how to split a 2-story monoflow system?

    Have a 2-story, 1100 sq ft, 1830 farmhouse with a single-zone monoflow distribution system serving a ton of CIBB. Thanks to blow-in insulation, new windows, extensive air sealing, etc., it is way overradiated, and the two floors also now heat very unevenly. ODR is exploiting the overradiation, but owner is considering splitting the zones to address the uneven heating. A second (upstairs) thermostat to control a second zone is preferred.

    The main loop in the basement is a typical "circle the perimeter" deal. All black iron, early 20th century vintage. Gorgeous stuff. Takeoffs simply go up to first floor or second floor wherever it's convenient.

    A couple new zones will also be added during an upcoming, historically consistent addition, so there is motive and opportunity to do some substantial reconfiguration, if required.

    Any suggestions on how (or even whether, if there's an alternative) to best split this monoflow system would be most appreciated.

  • David Sutton_6
    David Sutton_6 Member Posts: 1,079
    Run a second loop

    Remove the 2nd floor from the maim loop and run a new mono-flow loop for the 2nd, if you do not remove the 2nd floors old tees make sure you bridge the surply and reurn tees together with pipe so you dont mess up your flow for the remaining rads, fish up a new t-stat for the 2nd floor

  • Jed_2
    Jed_2 Member Posts: 781

    Dave Sutton's idea with Rich's, dump the monoflow's for regular tees, add an ECO Stratos, adjust the ODR, and go straight to comfort heaven.

  • CC.Rob_7
    CC.Rob_7 Member Posts: 17
    good ones!

    Excellent ideas. Thanks.
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