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Navien heating boxes

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  • Ron Smevik
    Ron Smevik Member Posts: 10
    Navien heating boxes

    Has anybody used these devices yet? It looks like a good option for multi-family buildings with a decent heating budget. I can't seem to find much on the net, even the manufacturer website is lacking.
    The total cost for the heating box and the matching tankless is about $3k.
    One supply house has sold quite a few, and another recommends the Taco RMB with heat exchanger. I would prefer the Taco because I have used them already without problems, but the heating box looks to be the quicker install, but I am not sure.
    Has anybody used these yet?
    JERRYG Member Posts: 11
    Navian Heating

    There is a distributor in West Chicago,Ill. who can provide you with the info you need.He has sold many units without having any problems.He also stocks the Navian tankless water heaters.
    245 Roosevelt Rd.
    Bldg #2,#13
    West Chicago,Ill.60185
    Phone:630-562-1552 Fax630-562-1550
    Attn: Ron Rous
  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
    Multi-family strategy

    You might take a look at the Triangle Tube Prestige and the Mini Smart instantaneous HX before going with the heating box and an instantaneous water heater. The price is probably a bit higher, but I would personally prefer to service the Triangle Tube setup over an instantaneous water heater and Heating Box.
  • Ron Smevik
    Ron Smevik Member Posts: 10
    heating box

    I ended up bidding the prestige with instant domestic capabilities. I can't afford to be the test guy for the Navien in this instance. I am putting a tankless navien in for my friend though, but just for domestic.
  • Ron Smevik
    Ron Smevik Member Posts: 10

    thanks for the replies...
  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
    Installed two systems

    If you go to resources, then Hot Tech Topics you will find under letter I (7) Instantaneous water heater used as a heat source.

    The systems work fine but you have to have good water quality and fairly consistant pressure. Fluctuations in pressure (such as with well systems) can really have a negative effect on flow and temperature.

    I would definitely use this system again as it is an economical alternatve for smaller applications. While pricing is rarely discussed here I think you are on the low end (giveaway) if you quote that $3,0000.00 #

    Annual tune-ups and XH cleaning are a must with these systems.

    I am very familiar with both the Navien people in Irvine and the distributor in West Chicago. Navien is suffering from growing pains and truly needs a better web-site that is more user friendly. I have spoke to them about this and thus far they have not improved there site.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions, I strongly feel this concept has a great future once the little distribution kinks are workede out.
  • Ron Smevik
    Ron Smevik Member Posts: 10

    Thanks Rich. The cost that I mentioned was my cost approx.-not what I would sell it for. Sorry if I was in error.

  • Brandon_4
    Brandon_4 Member Posts: 17
    HPS Controls

    Have you checked out a company named HPS Controls? They manufacture pump distribution panels for most applications. I believe their website is www.hpscontrols.com
  • hot water
    hot water Member Posts: 1

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