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Solar Police?

it already was the law in Germany to install so may square meters of solar panel per person, or maybe that is just in new construction... I guess one could move.

Maybe Marburg is trying to take the attention off the unfortunate Ebola-like virus named after it...


  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,517

    Yes i think that they may be getting a little out of hand..
    I grown up in this area.And i used to visit My brother (Which owned a Mexican restaurant in Marburg)

    We Germans belief in solar systems and up to now they where not mandated and jet a lot of people are making the right decisions.And yes lots of these houses are 500 to 1000 years old how will this be integrated?People do not like to be forced into any decision even if they are the right ones.

    In the 70ties when I grew up near this area the chimney sweeper would visit us once a year and stick his combustion analyzer into the exhaust and check the emissions , if it was maladjusted he would give you about 2 weeks to fix the problem.If the Problem was not fixed he had the right to abandon your system (Take it out of commission).

    As far as i understand now there is also a law that if your heating equipment is not up to new standards and you as a Landlord are renting a building, you must pay the tenants the difference of the extra energy usage.

    I hope that "Marburg" does not become a "Dictatorship
    Town" and bring on the "(S)olar (S)taffel"(solar staff/ police)

    :) Richard from Heatmeister.
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