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deli case

Where is the condensing unit located?Is the store air conditioned?Is the rear door left open?Is the exhaust fan running a lot? Meat case/ Salad case?When the store is busy do the clerks close the deli case doors or do they leave them open,say,like they open the door ,grab the meat ,slice the meat ,then put the meat away and then close the door.Same for the salads?Is there refrigerated storage under the top part of the case?


  • paul zeszotarski
    paul zeszotarski Member Posts: 33
    deli case

    i own a deli case at my store. dure the very warm days, the case is warm. when the weather is cool the deli case is cool. any suggestions as to why my case is doing it
  • Brad White_191
    Brad White_191 Member Posts: 252
    Is it plugged in? :)

    Just kidding! My weather rock does the same thing :P

    In order to better help you, when you say "warm" or "cool", (subjective terms), what are the actual temperatures? Where do you detect them -inside where it counts? The glass? The metal casing?

    Some case areas (the condenser) often are warm to the touch. The suction line, if not insulated, can make some areas cool. If the condenser is entirely within the case, is it properly vented? If confined it may be short-circuiting, never a good thing. But in winter the excess heat is at least useful. In summer, not so much.

    Have you data logged the temperatures over time? I would do that before the health department confiscates your pastrami. This is more likely to happen about 11:30 AM, not sure why. ;)
  • Normally,,,

    it would be dust buildup on an air cooled finned condenser coil that would cause symptoms like this. It's "ok" on the cool days but when it warms up there's not enough air moving over the coil to do the job. If your unit has a small car radiator looking thing with a fan blowing air through it check and make sure it is clean. Before doing this shut the unit off! You should be able to see light through the fins, a flashlight or a droplight works. Other than that most other diag and repairs should be left to a professional.
  • Eugene Silberstein_2
    Eugene Silberstein_2 Member Posts: 349
    Warm ambient temperatures

    As with most refrigeration and air conditioning systems, any deficiency in the system will become evident when the ambient temperature rises. For example, an air conditioning system with a slight refrigerant undercharge may operate well enough to cool the space when the temperature is mild, but will not provide adequate cooling when the load is great.

    In the case of your deli case, as mentioned by others, a lot depends on the location of the condensing unit. If the condenser coil is dirty and located in an unconditioned area, such as outdoors, the system capacity will be reduced.

    Make certain the coil is clean and, if such is the case, have a professional come in and check the refrigerant charge.

    As an additional thought, you might want to check the cooling coil inside the box itself. Make certain it is free and clear, as a blocked coil wll reduce airflow through the coil, allow ice to build up and reduce the cooling capacty of the system.

    We hope this helps.
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