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Hole in condenser in car air conditioning.

If you are unable to track down a filler material for the condenser coil, you might want to try a mechanical coupling. There are companies such as Lokring, that make mechanical fittings to join aluminum pipe sections together. The downside is that you need to purchase the special tool that compresses the ends of the fitting together to make the connection.

The neat thing about the fittings is that you can join dirrent sized tubing together as well as different materials. For example, you can join 3/8" copper to 1/4" aluminum tubing with one fitting.


  • Techman
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    Hole in condenser in car air conditioning.

    I have a small hole in the condenser of my car air conditioning unit. I have cleaned the area around it with emery paper, cloth, WD40 alcohol and anything else i could think of. I used regular solder with built in flux but it won't adhere enough to withstand the pressure of the coolant when it is put in. Now i could just take it along and have it mended but i always get ripped off. I live in Cyprus and no one here seems to know what i mean when i say there is a special solder for it so can you suggest a way to make it stick?
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