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any wisdom in buying a used boiler?

bob young
bob young Member Posts: 2,177
BAD MOVE UNLESS IT IS F.O.C. [ free of charge ]


  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Member Posts: 9
    I like to be frugal but not stupid

    I've got a chance to buy a 2 year old WM GO3 boiler and parts from a demo'd house. After using slantfin's HE2 program it looks like the boiler would be good for my project house. That house (2000 sq ft ranch) has a 50 year old oil furnace. I want to go to hydronic baseboard with possibly radiant in bathrooms and kitchen.
    I've read some warnings on this site about 'cooling down' boilers- should I be looking for anything while evaluating this boiler, or should I just expect to clean it thoroughly before re-installation?
  • Bob Bona_4
    Bob Bona_4 Member Posts: 2,083

    it's a bad idea, but a 2 year old WM, especially w/o a coil ought to be ok, especially if you have seen where it was, and it was carefully cut out, extracted, and stored.

    Depends on the price, too. I would hesitate to pay half of what it cost new, because, well, it's not worth much to most people, it's a bear to ship, and they just don't look good used :). A legit contractor could never re-sell it for liabilty reasons..

    I would look carefully at the target wall for damage/de-attachment and definitely give it a good brush and vac before re-start.

    Consider the $ maybe applied to a more efficient 3 pass unit in these days of 5 buck a gallon oil?
  • Leo_12
    Leo_12 Member Posts: 17
    Normally No

    Normally I would say no also but if it DIDN'T freeze you should be fine. Like already said check the target wall which is easy with the swing out door on this model boiler. If it does have a coil or blank plate replace the gasket while it is empty and cold. Don't expect any warranty from an installer.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the replies so far

    I am going to get to actually see it Tuesday.

    There will be a LOT of questions like: "so why did it come out?"

    I will gladly tear into it to see what it looks like inside- it does have a tankless coil, I got the part number wrong.

    I may be able to get it for a bit less than $1000, so it's worth looking into. Just finished reading the manual. I will start the service manual next. I understand that no installer would warranty it.

  • Bruce M_2
    Bruce M_2 Member Posts: 123
    Think Twice

    For the price they are asking it is not a good deal. There is almost no market for used boilers. I would want to know what type of boiler they used to replace this boiler and I would want to know the reason they replaced it. If the price were cut in half it might be worth it. If you are going to all this effort and expense you would do well to install a high efficiency boiler. What does "demo'd" mean? Demonstrator or demolished?
  • Keith_8
    Keith_8 Member Posts: 399

    $400 tops!

    No warranty and my guess is you are going to have to work out the logistics of rigging the boiler out of the basement and delivering it to your house not all beat up.

    The coil and triple auqastat are also a negative.

    Anything more $ than that and I would invest in a brand new 3 pass boiler.

  • mikebegood
    mikebegood Member Posts: 17
    used boiler

    I assume that the house being demoed means that it is a "knockdown". In our area older ranches and capes are "knocked down " to build mini mansions in their place. We only take boilers out if they are free -- thee is no market for a used boiler. We use them for little old ladies that have no money
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    I'm with Bob

    Unless it's free I'd pay the extra few hundred smackers and get a fully waranteed boiler .
  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Member Posts: 9
    Thanks again!

    I am going to look at it tomorrow, if anything just to amuse myself-
    - apparently from a demolished house
    - asking $700 obo with all parts: zone valves, exp tank, etc.
    - got a work van and a few buddies willing to help move it

    I plan on lowballing them ($400 sounds good to me!) and walking if it doesn't feel right. I just can't pass up a looksee since I don't stumble on many of these.

    Thanks to all!
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