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correct radiator piping?

Thanks for your comments. Will the TBSE method work for a 6' long radiator, too. I'm thinking that the water will short cycle and only heat one end.


  • Correct radiator piping? When piping a hot water radiator, where is the best place to connect the two pipes? I think that connecting to the bottom on each side, but some say bottom on one side and top on the other side. The radiators we,re installing are going in a basement and the pipes are comming from above. I,d appreciate your comments. Thank you
  • Plumb Bob
    Plumb Bob Member Posts: 97

    It doesn't really matter. Hot water rises, so it is best to put the output at the bottom (take colder water away), but no matter where the input is, hotter water will float to the top anyway. Of course, given a reasonable flow rate, there's a good bit of mixing, which is why it is not worth worrying about.
  • MW_2
    MW_2 Member Posts: 25

    I installed the radiators in my own house using the TBSE method, meaning top and bottom same end. If you choose this method, I would recommend supplying the top of the radiator and returning from the bottom. I tried supplying the bottom and returning from the top at first. About one third of most of the larger radiators did not seem to heat.
  • MW_2
    MW_2 Member Posts: 25

    My 4' radiator works fine with this configuration, 6' should not be a problem either.
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