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How's your staycation?

JJ_4 Member Posts: 146
I try to rationalize the cost of gas vs. vacation trips, with the soon to grow up kids, this way:

100 miles/10mpg = 10 gal.

Differece in gas cost from last year: $5 - $2.90 = $2.10.

10 gal x 2.10 = $21.00 extra for every 100 miles traveled.

So, on a 1200 mile trip: (1200/100) x $21 = $252 extra.

This means for about what I spend on lunch for a month (not to mention beer)...I can still take the family on a trip if I brown bag it for a while. I think it is worth it.


  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    Economic woes

    Talk about a stay-at-home summer. Yikes. We gotta bust tail to pay the bills this summer and no budget for a vacation. It's not even in the budget to head up North for a few days, now that our son is working, wife working full-time, and gas at $4 a gallon. Most fun I've had is sitting in my hot tub (cold actually) with a cold beer.

    I am really bummed but the kids understand -- anybody else facing the same woes?
  • Daily John

    if I had thought things would be this way now,, I would have changed things 30 yrs. ago,, I think we all feel that way though.

    Two wrongs(in my case), never make a right.

    Anyone need any rain?, got lots up here!

  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    I'm the same way

    Just started a new job in May, and now I don't get any paid vacation for a year.

    Might be able to pull off a weekend in August, but I'm not counting on it.
  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
    It's Working

    We have a pool,trampoline, play structure, large tent, fire pit and they are staying in the backyard this year. No Disney or Myrtle Beach this year. Maybe next...
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    We're still going

    I leave in a week for a camping trip in upstate NY near Saranac Lake. I may stay in the camp site more though, with an occasional walk down to the lake to drop a hook in the water. I might even put a worm on it if I'm not to tried from walking the 30 feet to the lake. I'm going in the Civic though. I get 35 plus mpg. WW

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  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,039

    we are in Dillon, Montana and heading to Butte tomorrow, and maybe even visit Ted Kacazinsky's cabin site while we are up here. BEAUTIFUL country up here...really is a big sky.

    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • Vernon P. James_2
    Vernon P. James_2 Member Posts: 33
    Re: Saranac Lake

    Wayne better bring your pocket book and your raincoat. Gas here is at $4.33/gallon and it has been almost impossible to get more than two days in a row without rain.
    temps have been warm and lots of thunder and lightening with about one severe storm a week.
  • tommyoil
    tommyoil Member Posts: 613
    Same boat

    We're not doing much either. But, since we live at the beach, it like being on vacation everyday. I've got the 10 days into labor day so I'll be relaxing in the sand w/ some fishing,biking,in between. Probably have a few guests down that week as well. Going to TRY to do a last hurrah with junior before he heads off to college. I've got tickets to the night races (nascar) at Bristol for both Friday and Saturday night, so he and I may take a road trip to Tennessee for that. We'll find a campground and and "live it up" for a few days. Anybody near the Jersey shore the last week of August is welcome to stop up at the beach for a icy cold beer or two. Gotta re do my bathroom too but I'm waiting until a little cooler weather for that mess.
  • Tim_41
    Tim_41 Member Posts: 153

    We are taking 4 days and staying in state for our "vacation". Going north towards the canadian border. No campsites just putting the tent up where we think is best. The Bristol trip sounds like loads of fun. I have always wanted to see that race. 1/2 mile track with loads of banking. Wow, have fun.
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479

    Thanks for the heads up. We're staying at Rollins Pond State Campgrounds. I've been camping there since I was 8. I know how it can rain up there. Mama Mia! We used to have a hard top pop up camper. One year it was raining so hard and the drumming on the roof was so hard and long I was almost driven into a reprisal of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Ack! If it's been raining a lot that means the fishing will suck since things are stirred up and fish will be well fed. Ah well. The fish are always behind schedule anyways. :) Looks like side trips will be in order. I hear Tupper Lake has a new "Outdoor Museum." Too bad Saranac Beer's brewery is in Utica. I love going on tours. If you have any suggestions (besides moving boilers) drop me an E-mail [email protected] WW

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  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Wayne's just yankin your chain....

    He's been on vacation for a couple weeks now. I was with him last weekend at Ruthe's shindig, and he was telling me his tales of woe and discontent while plying me, with his home brew!(GOOD STUFF!)

    Don't be ashamed Wayne....you've earned your time. The only one who will need an explanation is your customers.

    Enjoy your time at the lake. Chris
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Working vacations

    Since I live where po' folks like John want to vacation, I don't have to go very far. :) Pulled the 5th wheel out to the State Park about 20 miles away and we set up there for 5 days last week with a huge group from our church that always camps together nearby every summer. I commuted everyday but took the weekend off. This week we went to a county park on a nice little lake with the whole tribe, two brothers and my sister with all our kids and grandkids, boy friends, girl friends and other assorted hangers on. I think there were 8 assorted 5th wheels, campers and tents. 29 people in all. Eating too much is the main activity. Steak night Thursday, Fish Fry Friday, Saturday is a bit of a breather with just burgers, brats, tube steak and assorted salads. Then Sunday morning we pull out all the stops for breakfast of bacon grilled over the camp fire, Belgian waffles, 3 or 4 kinds of homemade sausage, fresh blueberries and raspberries, homemade whipped cream, French toast with cinnamon, nutmeg and real maple syrup..........I wanna go back!!!

    Alas, time to saddle up again and get back to what little business there is.
  • bill nye_3
    bill nye_3 Member Posts: 307
    Working vacations

    If I get any time off this year it will be used to work around the house. Weatherization, firewood [may have to this year] , clean the garage and basement, paint the house trim.

    I may have to cash in scrap to afford the paint. I can't afford the gas to leave town.
  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    Hey Steve

    Sounds good -- invite me up next time! (Maybe I can afford the gas by then.)
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    You know the door is always open John

    Come hungry!!
  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
    Big Sky Country

    Tim, you just missed Evel Knievel Days here in Butte. He was far from a hero or role model, but somehow fitting as someone Butte celebrates.
  • klaus
    klaus Member Posts: 183
    New (to us) motorhome last year.

    After camping with a travel trailer for a few years we took the plunge and bought a used motor home, took it from Iowa to the Grand Canyon a week after we got it. Gas was running $2.65 to 2.90 and we weren't sure how affordable this means of travel was going to be. Once we figured all the $ we were saving on motels and food we actually came out pretty good and we all really loved it!

    This year we went to Detroit (Henry Ford stuff, so cool!) and then on to Niagara Falls. Turned around and came back through Michigan for some beautiful camping. What a gorgeous state. It was a great trip. Gas at the Falls was over $5/gal. Ouch! On the way back we talked about this maybe being the last year for a "big" vacation with the gas guzzler. The kids understandably don't want it to end. My oldest turned 12 yesterday (Sunday) and the years for making memories go by so quickly, I don't want it to end either. Guess I'll have to find something else to cut back on.

    If anyone wants to come camping in my corn field in Iowa you're more than welcome!
  • Tombig_4
    Tombig_4 Member Posts: 45
    Iowa Cornfield

    Can I meet Shoeless Joe?
  • Lyle C
    Lyle C Member Posts: 96

    I'll be heading out to AZ. sometime in Sept. to meet my first grand child. Be traviling alone though, as my other daughter Katherine, will be off a collage. My wife Yan Hua will be home with Kayla who's a 1 1/2 yr and one on the way.
  • Rich L.
    Rich L. Member Posts: 414
    Shoeless Joe

    If you can find him you're more than welcome to!
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746

    We choose not to participate in the current 'economic woes.'

    That being said, our 'long trip' was done during spring break in March, before fuel prices did what they're doing now.

    We still take our 7MPG camper out, much like before. We camp about once a month, usually with friends, sometimes not. Because the summer is my busy season, we always stay close to home and go to local state parks and Corps of Engineer parks on the local lakes. It's my way of 'turning it off and getting away from the home office and the (gasp) internet. We're actually going out 3 weekends in a row in August, which kinda makes up for not going out in July because of a family issue.

    I'm still building my new office in the basement, complete with a radiant floor and all the other bells and whistles. I'm still, as time permits, setting up my new mod-con boiler and indirect water heater.

    Gas prices are putting a crunch on the joy-riding and going out to dinner, as we're only going out once a week either with friends or just us. It used to be about 2 times a week with a delivery order (pizza or Chinese) one other time.

    I'm doing a bit more yard work, as the landscaping changes are finally starting to take hold. The yard work is being done in the mornings, usually Saturday because of the heat that's finally returned.

    Life's good.
  • Paul Fredricks_8
    Paul Fredricks_8 Member Posts: 35

    We left last Thursday. Spent 2 days in Killington, VT mountain biking on the mountain with my brother in law. Saturday we headed to Center Lovell, ME (were Stephan King was run over) for a week on the lake.

    We are driving the K2500 Suburban (loud sucking sound). We don't use it often, but it's perfect for the long trips.

    A week from tomorrow we head for Boston for the Return toFoever concert (see ya there Scott), stay the night, then back to CT to get the pop up and kids and head for RI/CT for 5 days in the sun at Misquamicut.

    Busy, busy!
  • Rich L.
    Rich L. Member Posts: 414

    I love your rationale, and it's definately worth it. I don't think there's a better investment out there than family.
  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,039

    I read about that in the paper. Besides jumping bike, was anyone beaten up with a bat? We really liked Nevada City, Virginia City, and Ennis. We took the W Yellowstone route back and it was sure great. Pretty smokey, though...

    Just a guy running some pipes.
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