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Connecting Prestige To OWB

ya it`s typical,, the guy used everything Ipex(where he bought it I don`t know), the pre-built panel is 10LRZCP that should look after the radiant temps, whatever they may be LOL!<BR>He even <i>bent-up</i> is own aluminum heat-transfer plates and used <i>bubble-foil</i>...<BR>But I know <i>nothing</i>....


  • I have a guy

    who built his own house(took 5 years), installed his own radiant(guessed at the sizing, no #s), and wants to use an OWB in conjunction with a Solo 60 for backup if the fire burns out.
    Aside from the control requirement nightmare,, I told him he needs a HX to separate the 2 boilers as one is open and the other is a closed system, of course he disagrees, am I wrong?
    Thinking of telling the guy to take a hike!

  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Your choice

    A: You can try and educate the guy as to the basic law of physics that says a higher pressure will always go to a lower pressure, at which point he'll understand the need for the HX,


    B: Walk away a let him succumb to his own arrogance + ignorance. (A truly deadly combination)

    As to the control requirements, there will have to be some type of mixing device, preferably weather responsive, after the HX so he doesn't overheat his radiant system.

    Is this a classic case of DIY to save money or what!!?
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    That being said............

    If he accepts the HX, oversize it to ensure really close approach temps to maximize the use of the wood boiler even when it's water temp is getting low. They are pricey but I like to use the 10" x 20" size plates for maximum "dwell time" of the fluid on both sides. For normal residential loads you can use a 10 plate.

    There's a particular installer around here that has put in dozens of Central Boiler OWB's and used a 5x12x30 plate HX in nearly every application. The first round of "fix it" is always to pipe the HX in a loop with the gas/oil boiler and install a 0011 or 0013 to try and get the HX to transfer more heat. I can usually hear the thing whining away when I walk in the house. (and I'm deaf in one ear,can't hear out the other)

    Invariably, after the customer has grown tired of messing with the guy I get a call to try and ascertain why the gas/oil fired boiler still kicks on. After trying to explain the dynamics of heat transfer to the HO, I see them either get righteously PO'd with the initial perpetrator or their eyes kind of glaze over and they live with a sad investment until they give up and go back to traditional fuel.
  • joel_28
    joel_28 Member Posts: 21

    run run run for your life from this guy he will just want to pick your brain for free info. Or charge him a couple hundered every time you go there and he'll find someone else solving your problem
  • Guy came in today,

    still thinks 2 hand valves on each will separate the systems.
    I said "it will not be done by me, you and "Jed Clampett" can have a heyday!
    After about 2 hrs. I think I finally convinced him of a HX but I know where everything else is going,, I don`t need work that badly!!

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