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Mini Solar Display (nearly complete)

I'm waiting to learn a little more from YOU first.
Keep forging ahead! Kevin


  • Paul Rohrs_4
    Paul Rohrs_4 Member Posts: 466
    This working display is nearly complete

    The Kyocera 20W PV panel showed up today and is now mounted, but I am still looking for some type of inexpensive resevoir (basin) to collect from the showerhead.

    I am also going to pick up a small battery today and hook up the charge collector to, and then connect the pv panel.

    I know I am going to get a very small delta T thru the collector, but it really is only supposed to be a visual display with emphasis on potential heat gain from an appropriately sized collector.


  • Maine Doug_74
    Maine Doug_74 Member Posts: 27
    Maybe you could add

    a hand cranked vane pump to demonstrate how much energy it takes to move water.
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479

    I don't know if you got my E-mail concerning the subject, but I believe you've just invented the first solar powered humidifier. Patent it and sell it to Aprilaire. Then buy me a drink. ;) WW

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  • Paul Rohrs_4
    Paul Rohrs_4 Member Posts: 466

    Loved that idea. I think this would be good for a "Mobile Beauty Salon" and hairwash station.

    That would segway to a mobile/portable animal wash station.

    Portable shower anyone?


  • Larry C_13
    Larry C_13 Member Posts: 94
    Mate it to a Segway

    Mate it to a Segway, and then you will have a mobile shower you could drive.
  • Metro Man
    Metro Man Member Posts: 220
    auto air vent

    Your going to want to loose the auto air vent as it will suck air in as the water exiting the shower head creates a negative pressure at vent. Put ice or some cooling (ice packs) to maintain a delta T in basin.

    Nothing better than touch feely to give clients an idea whats going on. I put one together for indoors that I used a heat lamp to "heat" collector. If you run for a long time you eventually heat the tank.

    Good job.... you will be suprised how quick that little panel will heat your basin.

    Metro Man
  • Mike Dunn
    Mike Dunn Member Posts: 189

    I would love to see pictures of the Metro Man display. Also, if you use a mini panel like Paul where are you getting one or are you building it yourself.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,872
    mini & maxi displays

    nice work, Paul. Put some casters on it for easy transport.

    This small 12 gallon I can lift onto a display table or into the van. It shows a working system, with Solarflex piping.

    The trailer rig I built from all used components, except the Buderus tank. it is my summertime shower :)

    Those demo panels are available from Solar Skies cutaway or closed panel versions.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    forgive me Paul,...

    HR is Caleffi having you give some selected classes in solar?

    if so, would you ask them to help further the offerings in Alaska? by allowing you to be here and see what our summer and shoulder seasons are like?

    because if they were to be able to swing something like that you would see that we have a very large chunk of the year where solar is a viable option...

    ok now that spun down out of the gum ball machine...*~/:)

    that seems like a very swift solar demo machine someone needs to go to some of the oil companies world wide meetings and roll one of the puppies into the conversation..:)

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,872

    I'm in Michigan all next week, about 6 stops from Detroit to Traverse City. The van is on the road as of tomorrow. the regional guys, and reps are setting up the schedules.

    I have two solar shows in California July and October I think. I'll probably spend 3 weeks working the west coast. I'll see how far north they will let me travel :) I know Seattle is on the radar. How far of a drive from there to your place?

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Paul Rohrs_4
    Paul Rohrs_4 Member Posts: 466
    Display is operational

    The unit is now up and running. Kind of warm today and definately sunny out.


  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    Very cool.

    Nicely done. You might have a future market in solar heated birdbaths too.

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  • Kevin O. Pulver_2
    Kevin O. Pulver_2 Member Posts: 87
    Gorgeous Paul!

    But in keeping with the unwritten, though ubiquitous American motto of "sex sells" you need to get yourself a Barbie doll or artsy marble statue to put under the shower!
  • Paul Rohrs_7
    Paul Rohrs_7 Member Posts: 173
    Not my style

    How about a "Kevin Pulver Action Figure". That guy has got to have one mean "Kung-fu Grip".

    Thanks for the accolades old friend. This solar thing has me learning a lot of new things. Kind of fun learning cutting edge stuff again.

    Did you land your solar job?

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    some of the people are really really interested in having you

    here this year..it is almost more out of necessity than appreciation of all the work and experience that you have i hate to say..

    the realization of fuel oil prices stung many right between the eyes...you would probably be dismayed at our fledgling market in solar..i attended a conference and class on Solar design here and it basically made me leave with the impression that the majority of the work is still pre 70's

    ..i think i forgot more about solar when i was 15 than these presenters know about it now..:))

    really the area and Topic needs some help.

    although a few hundred people did show for the class.

    a fellow dropped by the shop a few days ago and is into installing a wood boiler and solar array on his home..i am trying to steer him to a pellet boiler and solar..it is not easy to make suggestions though when the boilers and parts support an fuel s not readily available...

    a major manufacturer of pellets for North America had an interest in developing their NEW major manufacturing facility along side the reclamation system and logg mill here ,next to a rail spike, however our short sighted community decided to reconsider the use of the site and the solid waste materials to generate power to operate the land fill..

    it is 'asif' though there has always been some very disappointing mental giants making decisions that could basically be described as inefficient an ineffective.

    often when presented with an idea that Will help,... someone out there will figure a way to turn it around and beat you over the head with it for helping ...

    i would seriously like to find the man before he leaves as i heard that he is looking for 50 acres to build the main facility and i would like to offer him an alternative site with a railroad spike and heavy truckingyards available nearby.

    as always it Depends if i can get people to fire up their amazing seeing eye and realize the big picture two years too early rather than two years too late. so far i not doin real good at that. *~/:)

    I really hope that some of our independent shmarties can make the case more adamantly with solar i think that we have a real Need for Caleffi to see the market potential in the northern latitudes and allow you the space and time to make the run ...

    i should stop getting distracted by banging in boilers and banging in DWV potable in new super efficient homes
    and focus up a little bit *~/:) Bring your optical attenuator for my All amazing Seeing Eye..the optometrists around here have been doing poor job of dialing it in.. :)

    gotta run to another roughin and find time to get the isometrics for the permit i forgot to turn in with it yesterday for another rough in an all radiant place 'up town'

    make time to meet with a trucking company owner with 200 familes that work with every year to discuss their new building ...

    present some bill for another rough finished day before yesterday when i went to get the backhoe...

    it is summer HR and we have to get out there and do double time work with the daylight we have , as winter is a cold dark night around here...

    i made it across Canada in a day and a 1/4 after work ..though i got to let you in on a pinner secret..in Canada the speed limit signs are in KMH :) so dont go by numbers alone , it gets scary :))

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