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moline vapor/vacuum

I was on a job today that had a relatively complete Moline steam system. The homeowner just bought the place last fall, so he had limited experience with the system. His only complaint was the farthest radiator not heating well.

This is the first Moline I've run across. I had the info on the system from the Library section on the job. The Dead Men did a nice job following the plan. This one had the addition of a drip line from a steam main elevation change dropping into a wet return.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice or experiences with the Moline systems?

Should the vacuum valve be removed, like on any other automatic fired system? If so, would it be prudent to replace the air valve with new properly sized end of steam main vents? The ejector and condensor are intact, so I plan on recommending that they stay.

Best regards, Pat Linhardt


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