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Rheem vs. Tane vs. York Rooftops

Ah yes the dreaded cross over tube! Home to millions of illegal spiders across the world and over:-).

Mike T.


  • Joe Home owner
    Joe Home owner Member Posts: 4
    Rooftops Units

    I need help deciding on what rooftop units my company should install. I received quotes for 3 different manufactures, Trane, York, and Rheem. All are 12 1/2 gas heat, high effieciency units. The Rheem quote is 30-40% cheaper than the ohter 2. The York and Trane quotes are close in numbers. If all things being equal, efficiency and all, which units do I buy? What is most important to me is longevity. I want units that will last a long time.
  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935
    hard to say

    Rheem units are fairly basic. No frills, no huge circuit boards, use any thermostat. They would use Copeland scroll compressors so definitely not something to avoid. The Trane will have lots more bells & whistles but more to go wrong. Can do more especially with electronic controls. Not familiar with Yorkies.
  • I've never,,,

    been crazy about the overall quality of the Rheems. The filter config is a little wierd too. Kind of a PITA to change them. Between the York and the Trane, I'd go with whoever has the closest parts supplier. York's suppliers used to be far and few between but I believe that has been changing over the last few years. Just my $0.02
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Rheem Trane York

    I don't like Rheem quality. Trane is not so hot and have abysmal tech support. Parts are dear. York is the best of this group. I also would rather have Lennox or Carrier than R or T.
  • Mike T._2
    Mike T._2 Member Posts: 4
    Hello Joe:

    I would prefer Carrier, but the York's aren't to bad. You need to decide if you need or would like an Economizer for your application. They can be enabled for free cooling and fresh air into the building depending on what and how much you can spend. How many people and the total load in critical in your decision. Rheem is not even on my list when it comes to commercial work!!! Which ever Unit you decide on just remember that filters MUST be changed to keep that coil clean. Pleated filters ALWAY'S.

    Mike T.
  • ddenny
    ddenny Member Posts: 75

    I don't like yorks because of their "crossover tube" they use to ignite the gas in heat mode. that's the most frequent cause for no heat calls on york rooftops. I don't know why they don't change that technology.
    rheems are a little cheaper. they're the fords of the industry. I would definately take them over york. of the fancier types I think lennox is my favorite. not too familiar with carrier.
  • Never forget...

    Spiders = $

    They're like tiny accomplices. LOL...


    Actually, Carrier was using the same style x-over tube for quite a while. They also had a SPDT mercury filled t'stat with a remote bulb in the pilot flame for pilot proof. Those things would take FOREVER to warm up and click over on a cold day. They finally retroed to flame sensing electronics on those types in the replacement kits and reconfigured their newer RTUS to the flat style of crossover, I think. I'd have to look at one to be sure. Either way the new configuration is totally different from the old on them.

  • The last two Trane RTUs that I worked on both had a problem with the economizer. The sheetmetal is so flimsy that it would bow in on the fresh air damper and killed the motor. We had to stiffen the sheetmetal with unistrut. This happened to both units at the same location. Imagine what was happening to the static pressure in the system. It could never reach setpoint and the fans would run 100% all the time. I wonder how much electricity was wasted.

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