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Coal Stove ?

If you have anthricite, the <A href="http://www.alternateheatingsystems.com/coalboilers.htm">Coal Gun Anthricite Boiler</A> looks very interesting. Self feeding and grating.

A multi-fuel model suitable for bituminous is available at the same site.

Here's another from an Ohio company<A href="http://www.harmanstoves.com/features.asp?id=6">Harman coal boilers</A>

Found these via web search.


  • Joe.G
    Joe.G Member Posts: 213
    Coal Stove?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about coal stoves, I would like to put one in.
    Can I get one that will hook into my boiler?
    do they make them direct vent?
    Can I pipe it into my current boiler chimmney?
    If I get one that does not tie into my boiler should I put it on the first floor instead of the basement?
    Anyinfo you guys have would be great.thanks a lot
  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    coal stove

    You can get a coal boiler to hook up to your existing boiler but the method of installation may vary from state to state. Maine has a solid fuel license and an add-on coal burner requires a separate flue along with many other regs. Also, burning coal is almost a lost art as far as doing it correctly. Do some heavy research and reading before you make the leap. Also, thinking coal is not thinking green.

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  • Joe.G
    Joe.G Member Posts: 213

    My parents used to heat there house for around $600.00 a year (hot water seprate) I will pay about $8,000 this year if prices don't go down. Coal is very cheap around here.
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Old King Coal

    I'm thinking of the same thing. I looked at some units (US and Canadian). Electric Furnace- Man, Axeman- Anderson, Etc.
  • Joe.G
    Joe.G Member Posts: 213

    So i hear diffrent things can I hook the coal stove into my current stainless steel lined chimmney? I would also like to try it i n with my current boiler so I will get heat in y radiators.
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317

    Coal being a solid fuel must have a class A rated chimney. If your stainless chimney is oil it is probably L. class A chimneys are very expensive. Coal is like wood in that you want many CO alarms and yearly cleaning of the chimney and be prepared for a steep rise in the HO insurance.
  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 1,026

    Coal is treated in the codes as a "solid fuel" just like wood. The requirements for factory chimney and liners are the same: 103HT chimney and UL1777 liner with the 2,100F rated insulation. Note, most mfrs. of both chimney and liners will limit the warranty on coal while wood may carry a transferrable lifetime warranty. Some stainless liners are only warranted for 10 yrs with coal.

    Coal must have its own separate flue just like wood. Yes, there are direct vent coal stoves that can vent like pellet stoves and there are auger fed boilers and furnaces. Even though 5 mines closed this yr in Pa. there is still good anthracite coal in certain areas. If you live outside those areas, it probably does not make sense to buy bag coal. Old timers will smile when you discuss how to burn coal as there is a learning curve. Also, you need to provide for ash disposal as there will be a lot and not much you can do with it. Coal is very economical right now but as noted, it is not the greenest fuel choice.
  • Bruce M_2
    Bruce M_2 Member Posts: 123

    You might want to go to the keystoker web site They make many sizes and combinations of coal fired boilers.
    I love coal fired boilers and my first training was with coal fired equipment. Back then it was hand fired but today there are automatic stokers. Coal has come a long way and the price is right when compared to fuel oil The US has 27% of the worlds coal supply.

  • Greg_41
    Greg_41 Member Posts: 16

    I have a riteway mod 37 coal/ wood air tight stove that is designed to have a jacket over it to back up an air system, but it is very easy to fire coal and burn completely to fine ash. I had deliveries by the ton, in anthricite, pea coal seemed the best. Now the stoves have catalitic converters on them to help w/ emissions. I like coal because you can load a 12 hour burn and let it rip, alot easier than wood. It's not often you hear a truck dumping a load of coal down it's shute, I think going by the bag would be a real pain....Greg

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  • Bob Bardoorian
    Bob Bardoorian Member Posts: 8
    coal fired boilers

    Hi Ken-
    I researched the "Coal Gun" by Alternate heating systems
    and then was directed to the Axeman-Anderson website by my future anthracite dealer here in central CT.
    He has an A-A 130 boiler for 22 yrs firing for hot water. In that amount of time he's replaced the two drive belts on the boiler-that's it! They are fully automatic except for you having to remove the ashpan every few days and sliding in an empty. He installe two ore for his daughters which now have about 18 years or so of service behind them-again with no problems. It appears that the "coal gun" is a knock off of the A-A if you look at how they work. The A-A feeds from a built-in auger system, while the "gun" uses a hopper.
    Check them out!
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Thanks Bob,

    For the info. every bit helps.
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