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HB Smith 8 series

Hollis Member Posts: 105
Thank you guys,Re the price, OK I understand. And yes, I got several quotes on the tree and didn't pick the cheapest but got it at a reasonable cost. The problem of this small city up the Hudson River is that the NYC crowd has found a nice little city that housing cost a fraction of what it costs down there. Its on the Amtrak line so they can do some commuting and work their laptops make their phone calls and have a mobile office. They sell their insanely expensive homes and move up there with "tons O money" to spare. I see some service people ripping off people right and left. I have a few apt houses there. Once a met with a plumber on site that gave me a fair price to replace a faucet. A few weeks later I had my secretary call him (he didn't get the relationship) and let him know that we wanted the same faucet in essentially the same base and he had the price just a few bucks shy of triple. He qualified my as knowing a bit about plumbing and thought I was local, but my secretary was out of state and he could tell that she wasn't knowledgeable about these things. I want tradespeople to do well and prosper, but some of these guys are way out of line.
Its becoming known by a few and the honest tradespeople suffer as people are becoming project shy.


  • Hollis
    Hollis Member Posts: 105
    HB Smith steam boiler

    I know there are a lot of variables but what do you think it would (ballpark) cost to install one of the larger (say 155K) HB Smiths? Just looking for a fair range.
    (I'm out of state and I have found that SOME service people try to take advantage. I know this because I have been quoted more than double in the areas I'm familiar with, excavation, carpentry) I was recently quoted 2K to take down a 30foot tree which was about the same size as the neighbors there had done for 500 (same tree guy!)
    I just want to be charged a fair price.
  • Leo_12
    Leo_12 Member Posts: 17
    No Price


    Prices aren't spoken here for a number of reasons one being the site owner says no. But think of it this way, some parts of the country have a much higher cost of living so wages and materials cost more while others are much less. If someone gave you a price and the local workers made fifteen dollars an hour and you got a price where you live and the going rate is twenty five dollars an hour can you see the grief it would cause? So prices aren't discussed. On the other hand how the job is or should be done is discussed. If one guy offers to do a steam boiler in copper piping for example everyone here would be all over it as it is a no no. So as you get bids and differences of work proposed ask away. By the way my opinion of the Smith Series 8 is a good one.

    good luck on your project,

  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297
    well said

    You said the tree guy was gonna chare you 4 x as much I hope you got someone else. The best thing to do is get a few est. Don't go with the cheapest,you may pay later.Ask around I am sure someone close by has had good luck with thier install. We get a lot of referal business royboy
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