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new tank - anything to prep

tm Member Posts: 125
I now have a new 275 gallon vertical tank in my basement. Is there anything tht should be done before filling with oil for the first time?


  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    1. is the fill pipes attached 2. valve on bottom of tank 3.was it pressured tested ?? 4.if this was all done have the driver put in 25 or 30 gallons look for any leaks or problems at $4.29 a gallon YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE ANY my thoughts royboy
  • Toddid Goldsmith's
    Toddid Goldsmith's Member Posts: 77
    new tank

    Good idea from royboy,just a few gallons, then check stuff. I delivered oil to a new tank once with a Scully ventalarm.The installer put the vent cap on the FILL pipe, and the scully fill fittng on the VENT pipe I had a mess. Make sure that these caps are where they belong. If the tank is not hooked up to the burner, plug the tank valve,or cap the line. I seen bottom tank valves even though they are new, not hold.
  • Leo_10
    Leo_10 Member Posts: 22
    What everyone

    What everyone else said. Plus if you are in a state with regulation you may need a permit for the installation. In my state, Mass one is needed and has to be pulled by a licensed person. If not in the event of a leak there could be a refusal on the part of the insurance company to cover a loss.

  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    just recently we were sent to a house (and i am not makin this up ) they had plastic fill pipes that were broke at the top of the tank mm how can a home owner fix this ahhh duct tape no kiddin if a driver fills a new house without a service tech checking it out or at least seeing for him self where do those pipes lead to you are askin for trouble the best story ever was in the readers digest a few years ago a new guy goes to fill a tank ticket says fill at donkey's head driver shoves nozzle into (concrete donkey) donkeys mouth what a mess the fill was an underground tank BELOW THE DONKEY'S HEAD OOH the stories royboy
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