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Intellicon HW+

From what I can tell, all the Intellicon does is widen your high limit differential. If it does more, please enlighten me. I have called tech support, spoken to reps in person and no one seems to agree on exactly what it does and how it does it. I get the standard reply "it is microprocessor controlled to blah blah blah"

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  • Jay Oxley
    Jay Oxley Member Posts: 5
    Does this actually look like it would work

    I'm looking at the Intellicon HW+

    I have a tankless coil system with a honeywell triple aquastat. The boiler is a vailant with a Beckett model AFG burner. Have you heard of any actual savings using the Intellicon with a system like this?
  • Charlie Masone
    Charlie Masone Member Posts: 66

    We install the beckett Heat manager it is the same and has worked well. Upwards of 10% are always true.
  • Maine Ken
    Maine Ken Member Posts: 531

    The Intellicon is different. It has some adjustments that the Heat Manager doesn't. For a pinner with coil it is a fine piece of equipment. I would probably opt for the 7224U aquastat instead and really lengthen the differentials.

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  • Paul Fredricks_6
    Paul Fredricks_6 Member Posts: 88

    I'd think with larger differentials you might have a problem with a tankless, with or without a mixing valve.

    We've installed the heat manager in the past and the Intellicon unit now. Both have work fine.
  • Eric Masson
    Eric Masson Member Posts: 4

    This is exactly why I asked here. I can't find any real definitive answers as to ideal applications of these boxes, nor what they actually do! There does seem to be more information out there on the Beckett Heat manager. And from what I could understand for the information on that box, it seems that the Beckett Heat manager widens your High differential. IE: Boiler kicks on due to a call for heat (thermostat clicks), it runs until it hits its high limit, then turns off. If there is still a call for heat and the boiler has gotten past its high differential, without the heat manager, it'll kick on again immediately, however with the heat manager, the burner won't fire again until it hits the temperature that the heat manager has determined is ideal.

    I can pick one of the Intellicon boxes up for like $175, but if it's not going to save me anything, especially in the summer then it's not worth it! From what I understand these boxes work well with cold start boilers. But where I have a triple aquastat with the tankless coil, I'm trying to determine if it would actually do anything more than setting a low limit of like 130 and a differential of 20 (which I currently have set on my aquastat). Again, I can't speak to the Intellicon, but the Beckett heat manager will allow the aquastat to do its thing if the domestic hot water temperature falls below 112 deg F.

    So I basically need to know, does anybody have either the Beckett Heat Manager or Intellicon HW+ on a boiler with a tankless coil? If so, what are your average savings in terms of efficiency during the winter and summer months? What is the difference between using one of these devices, and having a low low limit and high low differential?
  • Peter Schlussler
    Peter Schlussler Member Posts: 1
    Intellicon HW vs Heat manager

    The Intellicon HW + and Beckett Heat Manager are both manufactured by Intellidyne, the Heat Manager is the stripped down model and has fixed settings, which makes the assumption all boilers are the same and does not give any indication to you of fuel savings...With the Intellicon HW+ the Pre-purge, Low-Limit, Domestic Low-Limit, Max Economizer Hold off time and Standby-Timer Override are all adjustable which allows for fine tuning thereby, savings. However, what I consider one of the most important features of the Intellicon HW+ that The Heat Manager does not have is the LCD Panel which shows boiler temperature and average fuel savings in addition to instantaneous fuel savings which aids in the process of fine tuning. The Heat manager has only lights that indicate whether it is in economizer mode which leads to you not knowing what savings are actually being achieved.... However to answer your question basically the device runs less cycles for longer period of times based on the larger temp diff....
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