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g.e. boiler

Leo_12 Member Posts: 17
I would definately have a steam guy measure the radiation and see if the boiler is oversized. A nozzle of 2.20gph is huge. I would hope it is an eight room house or larger. My house is five rooms, has an antique oversized boiler (steam) and fires 1.35gph. I haven't done the calculations yet but know I can get it down with a new boiler.



  • boris
    boris Member Posts: 3
    One more GE Downdraft steam question?

    If you will indulge me with one more question?
    So my old but solid GE downdraft boiler tests at 81% combustion efficiency. The exhaust temp is 400-450 depending on who recorded over the last few years, So,...other than the standby losses with the 26 gal water it holds. (added another layer of insulation to the inner jacket) Can any boiler be made all that more efficient to produce steam? That is, OK, seems like the heat is being produced,Seems like not that much is going up the chimney. that energy is going to into the system producing steam.(?)

    So replacing it with a newer boiler, does it make sense? (we check the PH regularly and drain a bit and ad Stewart ???? * way boiler treatment.) Uses a Becket AP 2.20 60 degree cone seems like reg controls like the LWCO and pressertrol. I don't want to throw a lot of money into it if the result is not all that much.
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    If you ask old timers they will tell you this model was ahead of thier time. i have a new transformer and aqustat a guy upgraded and had these lying around i keep collecting this old stuff keep saying gonna have a museum someday have a 1940 or little older beckett the pump goes in the back but to answer your question one day the ole gal will give out hope its not the coldest day of winter. royboy
  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    GE boiler`

    They were a good unit and were ahead of their day, but like a lot of boilers in that era, it was probably oversized for the job, and that 27 gallons is a lot of water to heat up. Do a calculated load and compare. A firing rate like you quoted is high for the average home and you may be better off with a new boiler. While the combustion efficiency is OK but not great, how thermally efficient is the boiler?/ I've replaced a few and other that bad threaded connections at the boiler that rotted out the bosses, it is a solid piece of steel.

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  • boris
    boris Member Posts: 3

    I should have stated that the unit heats 5 (small) apts.
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