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I'll see what I can find out.


  • rjm
    rjm Member Posts: 60

    Today I came across a r7184p that would randomly stay in prepurge for close to a minute before firing off the burner. The times it would stick in prepurge I could hear a clicking sound from the control. The voltage going into the conrol was 129-133vac. Could the high voltage be causing this, or is th control bad? New system install in January. Buderus w/ Beckett NX
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    The simplest thing for you to do would be to take the control back to the wholesaler for a warrany replacement. If you want, Honeywell would be willing to look at the control--that doesn't get you anything more except maybe some answers. If you go that route, have the wholesaler send it back as "request for special test" NOT ordinary warranty, and include include answers to these questions:

    Was the igniter / burner on for this 1-min “prepurge” but no flame present? Was there actually a flame there but the cad cell was not reading it until very late in the trial time? Was it a 45-sec lockout model with 15-sec valve-on delay? Could they describe the clicking more clearly, was it a single click every 15 seconds or so, or a constant buzzing inside the R7184 case as opposed to the igniter / burner noise itself

    Since it's aBeckett NX burner and those supposedly won’t work with a standard cad cell, did you use the IR-adapter and one of the Satronic sensors?
  • rjm
    rjm Member Posts: 60

    I can't be certain but I do believe that the igniter was on the whole time that the burner was in prepurge, but no flame. The oil valve did not open and I shut the power off before the burner shut off to diagnose the problem. The control is a 15 second prepurge with 15 second lockout, with adjustable post purge(set for 2 minutes).
    The clicking was s mechanical click every second or two. ( It reminded me of a riello with a electronic damper that keeps spinning).
    The NX had a cad cell. I've never seen one with a IR-adapter and Satronic sensor. I've seen problems with cad cell {high ohms readings} and adjusted the cad cell down a bit to compensate. I thought I heard Beckett redesigned the draw assemble to allow more light to the cad cell.

    But if I do make it back to that house, I will replace it and have it tested by honeywell.
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