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Central A/C Question

As mentioned in a previous post, when you are purchasing an air conditioning system, you are purchasing the expertise of the installer as well as the equipment iteself.

If you are shopping for a DVD player and find the exact same model in two different stores at different price points, it is definitely beneficial to purchase the lower priced item, as the quality is exactly the same.

When purchasing an ac system, there are many tasks that must be perfomed in the field that can make-or-break an installation. As mentioned, if either system is installed properly, you will likely get years of satisfactory service.

You can spend a great deal of money on a cadillac system and have it installed miserably, or you can have a less expensive system installed perfectly. One way to verify the integrity of the installation company is to do a BBB search and also ask for the names and numbers of previous customers. I personally prefer to do the BBB search since I can find out about any previous complaints and, more importantly, how these complaints were handled.

The best of luck to you.


  • a few more
    a few more Member Posts: 4
    Central A/C Questions

    I have received a few quotes on central A/C. The two that I'm leaning towards are for a Air-Flo unit, which is apparently made by Lennox, and a Goodman unit. The Lennox/Aire-Flo installer said that he could also install a Goodman, but he doesn't like to, because he has had nothing but problems with them. The Goodman installer said that they are great units, and he has never had a problem. I know a lot of it depends on the quality of the installation, but is Goodman really junk? Will I get a better unit with the Aire-Flo? Should I ignore both of these, and go with a Lennox? Thanks for the help!
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    i was told any furnace or a/c unit a tech cannot fix is junk that said most new units if installed right will give you many years of worry free cool air ask them for the name of a sat. customer or two royboy
  • Goodman Vs Airflo

    Mr homeowner,
    The most important decision you have to make is the contractor you decide to go with. The service company is more important than the label on the unit. Goodman is the largest single residential label in the country. You are not overly aware of it because Goodman does not advertise in the retail market place. They rely on their vast distribution and contractor network to promote their products and are generally very competitive. Goodman also has some of the best warranties in the business. They are also the manufacturer that produces the Amana Heating & A/C product line.
    Airflo is a Lennox owned product,also known as Ducane. I do not know as much about them but am confident that if a quality contractor does the install, it will operate well.

    Go with the contractor you fell will provide you with the best service after the sale. If it is a toss up, I suggest Goodman. Better Standard warranty and great extended warranty programs. Ask your contractor about these, they are very affordable.
    Feel free to email me if you would like any further input.
    The "Goodman is Junk" quote would be a red flag to me. That is a desperate attempt at making a sale.
  • Yup,,,

    Nothing I hate worse than a guy who thinks badmouthing the competition is the way to make a sale. Definitely a red flag in my book. Reminds me too much of politics. (shudder)
  • Matt_30
    Matt_30 Member Posts: 16

    A lot of the "Goodman is junk" stuff came from the days before they were merged with Amana and sold under the Janitrol name. At that time, they were junk. Now, they are better units and the AC often (at 3.5 ton and up) come with a Copeland scroll. Ducane/Air-Flo is Lennox's builder's model. Nothing much wrong with them, but I'm not impressed with their customer service at the wholesale level.
  • Darin(in Michigan)_3
    Darin(in Michigan)_3 Member Posts: 28
    A/C preference

    I've installed both and I'll take a Goodman before I'll take an Aire Flow. The first one I ever put in had a leaky shrader core. They just aren't as well built as the Goodman. I'm not a big fan of Goodman but I really feel that when installed properly they hold up very well.
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